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GoneGothic is a community website for gothic, alternative, punk, emo people to come together as one large community of brothers and sisters. Here we can share our thoughts, passions, beautiful artwork, poems, fantasies, dreams... etc. Brothers and Sisters, the time is nigh. There is strength in numbers. Unite and the planet is ours. Show your support and sign up!

A Little History

Written by: dav
Last updated: 26th May 2007

GoneGothic.com started out life way back in the summer of 2004 when me and my friend Chris were out skateboarding and talked about the lack of like-minded people living in our area at the time. I was currently learning PHP at the time and decided it would be a cool idea to create an online community for alternative people.

The next time me and Chris met up we discussed the possibility of creating an online community, he wasn't too sure if it was possible, but I assured him it could be done. We did used to operate a small community forum hosted on one of those free message board websites, at its peak it reached about 100 members, but then it hardly got used and eventually became history.

I started work on the community website, writing lines and lines of code and learning from my mistakes as I went along. After a few months of hard work a semi-operational website was created, I called it "the big wide world" at the time, terrible I know, but it was quite fitting. Its colour scheme was white and blue and it had a cute side to it, I then decided it wasn't what I was aiming for and completely scrapped the idea along with the code.

I started a fresh, after a few more months I had come up with another functional website, the decided name at the time was "RateMeGoth" it looked much darker than the previous website, its colour scheme was black and grey. Although once again I decided against it as I never really liked the name. This time instead of completely scrapping the code I modified it, built it up and eventually the signs of another functioning website spawned from my computer.

I called this website "GoneGothic", it was what I had been trying to create from the start. It was what all these long stressful months were about, don't get me wrong, it was very basic, but I was proud of what I had achieved and later released it on the Internet under a free hosting account using this domain http://gonegothic.freeprohost.com.

As you can imagine it wasn't long before we ran out of web space and bandwidth and needed a new home. We found our new home in the form of Ethohost (www.ethohost.com) which was setup by a few friends.

GoneGothic slowly started taking on more members as time went on and we were coping quite well. After fixing a few server issues all was fine up until Chris decided to leave the site for personal reasons.

Not long after that little hiccup Ethohost sadly announced it was closing its doors which led to GoneGothic being thrown from server to server in the hope that we could find a host that could handle it. Eventually GoneGothic found its new home with Layered Technologies (www.layeredtech.com) where it still is to this day.

Nicky, another close friend of mine and an administrator on this site was appointed webmistress on the 11th December 2006 to help me out with the general day to day tasks of running the website.

If you have a question or query then either direct it at the admin profile or if is more specific then to one of the users below.

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