admin's Diary


We did a massive clean up to the Forum. A lot of forums have been deleted and merged with others. If you get lost, look under the forum titles and the description can help you find your way around. So go check them out and post!

Merry Christmas!

We just want to wish the community a very merry Christmas! Hope everyone gets what they wished for!

Internet Explorer be damned!

This is just a quick update to announce that the site has just dropped support for Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8.

I've rewritten the site menu's that you see in the header in plain HTML instead of relying on a JavaScript plugin (in a gradual effort to modernise the codebase) and those browsers do not support the newer markup.

Let us know if you have any issues with the menus in any other browsers.

Groups being discontinued

This is just a notice to inform everyone that from the 2nd of April groups will be completely removed from the website.

Any content stored in your group will not be accessible from that day forward, so if you value any content within your group please make a copy of it before the date above.

No new groups can be created from this point forward. They have been an unpopular feature since inception and they were badly implemented into the site.

I'm cutting the clutter from the site at the moment and groups falls under clutter. Sorry to any and all who use them and the inconvenience this may cause you.

Latest Member is no more...

I have replaced the latest members section with a random members section.

Many people wanted it gone and now it is. I couldn't just leave an empty void there though because it just didn't look right.

Hopefully it'll be a welcome change, but feel free to voice your opinions in the comment section.


Bug fixes

I've been busy fixing bugs lately and also converting a lot of the old code.
  • Fixed bug where comment count on gallery pictures was incorrect
  • Fixed bug where all users had an incorrect sexuality in the search results
  • Fixed bug where the topics a user had posted in were duplicated on the forum info page
  • Fixed broken link on buddy artwork page
  • Fixed spelling mistakes on the about page
  • Fixed missing avatar images on the sent comments page
  • Various back-end optimisations and bug fixes
Due to the changes I am making there may be a few broken links and escaped HTML output where it shouldn't be, if you notice any problems please post where they can be found in the comments so I can investigate.



Added a few small updates to the site tonight:
  • Added Permalink to forum posts so you can link directly to a post in the forums
  • Fixed text centering issue affecting Internet Explorer and Opera browsers (thanks equinox for reporting it)
  • Fixed bug in IE where user cards would not appear near the mouse cursor
  • Various back-end optimisations and bug fixes

A few more updates

Decided to throw a few more updates onto the site before I retire for the night.
  • Made the advanced search available to all users
  • Added email notifications to notify you of new profile comments and replies to forum threads you have participated in. You can change these settings in your account settings
  • Fixed layout bug with the menu in Firefox and on mobile browsers (thanks jmzry for reporting it)

Hello final few!

Greetings final few members of the site, I thought I'd add a few updates to the site just to mix things up a bit.
  • Removed the limit on image uploads for both profile images and artwork. Feel free to upload as much as you want
  • Upped the 1MB image upload file size limit to 3MB for profile pictures and artwork
  • Added hover cards to the homepage that pop over the username when you hover over it providing a few more user details
  • Added a verified icon next to usernames on profiles of members who have been verified by GG staff
  • Fixed a broken link on profile pictures on profile pages

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to wish the community a merry Christmas on behalf of myself and the GoneGothic staff.

I hope you all got what you wanted and maybe even some things you didn't ;o)

Dav / GoneGothic