admin's Diary

Happy Birthday Dav!

We would just like to wish our webmaster and creator of GoneGothic a very Happy Birthday today! Have a good one!

GG Staff

I am a Time Lord

There was a problem with time, I fixed it. Nothing more to be said really. Enjoy!

Extended downtime... extended.

Really sorry for the extended downtime guys. Seems I'm a noob and forgot to flip a few switches here and there on the new server.

Calm is restored, if you run into any bugs let me know.

Sorry once again and thanks to -Nox- for helping me see the error of my ways. You should thank her 'cause the site would still be down without her help, so thanks!

Spam... Argh!

Sorry for the extended downtime today. I had to take the site offline whilst I dealt with a large influx of spam accounts that had been created over the last few days.

I have removed all accounts which I believe where created for the sole reason of spamming the community. I have also implemented ReCAPTCHA on the signup page as a further attempt to try and thwart the spammer(s) responsible for this.

Some legitimate accounts may have been caught in the deletion. If you created an account in the last few days and did not log in or if you were't very active then your account may have been removed in which case a new one will have to be created.

Sorry for the delay in resolving this issue and any inconvenience this may have caused.

Member of the Year!

We at GoneGothic would like to extend our deepest and sincerest Congratulations to Elphus , our Member of the Year.

Ps. Please for the love of gawd , leave him a comment so we don't have to hear him bitch and moan anymore. Thank you ~ GG Staff

Pss. He's got sunglasses


The admin profile went AWOL as I'm sure you all noticed that was the reason the news went missing.

Reverted the profile from backup and should be all good again now.

Sorry about that!

Happy New Year

2012 is finally upon us, goodbye 2011! Hope you all have a good year, here's hoping the Mayans were wrong about this year ;-)

Love GoneGothic

2012 MOTY Award Winners!

The excitement was too much for us to bear, so we are announcing them earlier than expected ... now! Congratulations to all those who won! Click here to view all the winners!

GG Staff

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Hope you all got what you wished for.

Enjoy yourselves!

Much Love,
The GoneGothic Community

Free Premium Giveaway!

Get Free Premium For 3 Months!

// To Be Eligible: - Turn in 3 picture salutes with the same salute paper or hand salute, but with 3 different poses. (example given on give away page , click link below). - OR turn in 1 video salute (preferred) holding your salute clearly. - Your salutes must be approved by GG Staff for you to become premium.

***Note: If you have already done this and provided your salutes last time and would still like free premium, comment EdenOfDelirium to see how.

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