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GoneGothic VIP

This group is dedicated to users who have contributed to GG over the years. Whether it was donating, being active on the forums and on the site or helping the site and its members. It is NOT an elitist group, as everyone has the ability to join. It was simply made to show thanks to our active members. So come join us!

Click the image above to go to the group's main page. Be sure to read over everything and make sure you are qualified. If you have any questions at all, ask an Admin and we'll help you out!

Thank you!

We would just like to say thank you to all the members who participated in our free premium give away. We hope you're enjoying your new features!

The Free Premium for 3 months giveaway has now officially ended.

And a thank you to all our members for staying active on the site. Don't forget to come join us on the forums!

GG Staff

Important Reminder.

When you think you have come across a fake on this site, please report them immediately. DO NOT harass them by calling them names or insulting them because you think they are fake. I know we tell you this all the time, but you're not helping by making them delete their profile. About 60% of the time, they come back and continue or fake someone else.

The fastest way for us to resolve this matter would be to report them. That way we can keep a better eye on them. Anyone caught harassing a supposed fake on this site will be dealt with accordingly.

Thank you.

Need profile help?

Whether it's a code or a question you have about editing your profile, feel free to ask HERE.

Also, just a reminder that our giveaway Get Free Premium For 3 Months! ends September 9, 2011! For more information please go here.

Admin Changes

We would just like to say a big thank you to xDarkAvengerx for all of his hard work being a Mod and Admin. He has decided to step down , thank you xDarkAvengerx!

Get Free Premium For 3 Months!

Here's how:

// To Be Eligible:
- Turn in 3 picture salutes with the same salute paper or hand salute, but with 3 different poses. (example given on give away page , click link below).
- Or turn in 1 video salute (preferred) holding your salute clearly.
- Your salutes must be approved by GG Staff for you to become premium.

Please go HERE for more info !

New Forum Rules.

There are New and updated Forum Rules that can be viewed here: New Forum Rules.

Come join the forums if you haven't yet !

New Site Styles.

We've just added 8 new color schemes to the site styles, which can be found here: Switch Site Styles, under the "Version 2.0 Styles".

We hope you enjoy them!

Contest Time!

Hello again everyone,

Courtesy of our admin , we have a new GoneGothic contest !

Our Free Premium contest has returned , which will be found here: Free Premium Contest. Please read all the rules before beginning. We'd also like to thank chelzangel for bringing this back.

Of course this has prizes , so good luck to everyone , have fun !

Hey everyone :)

We here at GoneGothic would just like to thank you all for being appreciated members. Remember to check out the forums and introduce yourselves if you haven't yet !

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