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Title: Checking in
Author: admin
Date: 24 May 14 6:51 pm

Well it's nearly been a month since my last post, so I thought I'd better let you all know what I've been up to. A few of you may have noticed some of the updates I have made and listed below as the month went on.
  • Comments and posts all over the site will now automatically link to a user profile if they are mentioned like so @user
  • Along with the above update, mentioned users will also be notified via email of the comment/post they were mentioned in. This can be disabled in your account settings
  • Fixed abug with poetry buddies, blog buddies, poetry search, blog search, artwork search and picture search pages where a blank white screen would be displayed in some instances
  • Fixed buggy pagination in the forums. Thanks
  • Fixed a bug where logged out users could not browse blogs
  • Fixed a bug where users with dashes in their name could not be parsed by the user mentioning script. Thanks
  • Major behind the scenes improvements
If anyone notices any issues then please let me know, Thanks again!

11 May 18 7:14 am
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13 Aug 17 9:44 am
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18 Jul 17 9:26 am
Life is getting better with each of the tiniest improvements:) Thanks, now I can get back to looking on how to make good presentation for my arts lesson.

21 Apr 17 1:02 pm
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23 Sep 14 7:48 am
October my favorite time of year coming up. The leaf's fall and everything look's like it's sleeping or dead. Also tooling up for Halloween, it's going to be so kick ass.

15 Jul 14 9:07 am
@Good-Vibes could you post a screen grab so I can see what you mean?

Might be worth trying to clear you browser cache.

28 Jun 14 2:30 pm
Added user card tooltips to the new user mention links

28 Jun 14 12:42 am
I'll consolidate these changes in a future news posts, just popping them here so those that check here will know beforehand.

28 Jun 14 12:41 am
Removed enemy lists, they were a unused feature by the majority of users and I don't see any benefit in keeping the feature around.

28 Jun 14 12:07 am
The forums are now publicly accessible and I've fixed an issue with polls not rendering their content correctly.

25 Jun 14 8:22 am
I've just fixed an issue that was preventing new user signup's. Thanks to for reporting it!

19 Jun 14 9:05 am
that's something I'm working towards, though there are a few technical hurdles I have to overcome first.

05 Jun 14 10:14 pm
mentions should notify the user with a GG message, as well as an email. I don't check the email account associated with this username, ever.

28 May 14 8:38 am
Fixed an issue with the style switcher

28 May 14 8:29 am
Fixed a bug with the pop-up smilies, there was a missing template causing a white screen error.

26 May 14 9:18 am
Noticed an issue with the search pages pulling out numbers too, fixed also.

26 May 14 9:08 am
Well spotted @gallifrey_rises! I've fixed the issues you have found now. Thank you very much