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We're going through changes...

As you may have noticed (judging by the look of the place) the site is currently undergoing some long overdue changes!

Over the coming weeks I will be replacing the templates throughout the site with responsive versions that will work on mobile devices.

The main goals are to:

  • Introduce newer web practices with regards to HTML/CSS & Javascript
  • Enable a mobile responsive design
  • Provide a better user experience on all devices
  • Pave the way for making the site more maintainable so new features can be added swiftly

Some of the changes that have already been deployed are:

  • Updated site header/footer to work on mobile
  • Updated navigation, many things have moved but should still be easily accessible
  • All search pages have been updated with cleaner forms and more concise result layout
  • The photo and artwork search results are now laid out in a much better fashion
  • A verified badge has been added to member search results if a user is verified
  • A green badge has been added to member search results if that user is online
  • All pages accessible from the main navigation have been updated to be mobile friendly (except for the forums)

Note that some pages will act a little clunky and have poor styling until they are transitioned over to the newer templates. Please bear with me during this phase!

Stay tuned for more!