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Updates incoming...

I've finally got around to redesigning the forum index so that the latest 5 topics of each forum will be listed. Also this page is now mobile responsive!

Most of the changes since the last update have been behind the scenes and shouldn't be noticeable from the frontend of the site.

Here is a list of the latest changes:

  • Added a new content parser for comments and posts.
  • Removed all mention of ratings from the site
  • Removed the ability to hide comments on profiles
  • Major behind the scenes updates


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InfamousYash anything new? hope there is a DM system soon!
Good day all
AnthonyGarfield Hi people am new here wanted to talk
kiwiiamour So many changes over the years
Vampirefreaks is shutting down maybe its time for a GG come back? Lol..
Enlightener This would be cool and all if it were still an active site 🤔
walkingcorpse dav the real catfish around here ;) lol
dav Thanks , I've sent you a private comment.
Zeeb_ Hi can you please check the member "cuteangel75" ?

This user sent me a very inappropriate & suspicious comment asking for private information & intimate details and seems to be seeking a relationship. She appears to not have only 1 photograph which looks young for a 38 year old, also she has "75" in her username and most of the time people add numbers from their birthdays so if she was born in 1975 then that would make her 43 not 38 and her "About Me" section is all about her romantic lifestyle. Also when viewing her profile, I've noticed that she has been commenting other men here on GG. Please ask this user to provide a sign or video confirming her identity and check her IP address as there's been a lot of people from Africa & India pretending to look for relationships but secretly want money. I know because I've been a victim of catfishing and lost over £1,500 to a woman claiming she was infatuated with me. Thank you!

Also I've noticed your administration team has been inactive for a VERY long time.