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Left Facebook part time.

Today I made the choice to leave facebook part-time, It wasn't the place to express myself when I'm in a dark mood. If you can even call it that. Well, most people do. The moment I started saying how I feel, all my close friends were concerned. Now to paint a picture. I only have maybe two friends. And I can't tell any of them that at night I wake up from night terrors. I can't open up and tell them I Have anxiety and panic attacks throughout the day. It's not something you tell people when everyone believes you are a whole person. When I go out I wear the pretty dress, but there is always emptiness. So I started looking for alternatives, somewhere I can find people that are feeling the same way. We might be strong to the world, but we are still scared children deep down. And maybe I'm just done pretending to have it all together. Yet I'm going to be hiding out here if this place works out. Maybe I'm just stuck on facebook. Do people actually make friends here? Is GoneGothic used all the time? I'll give it a chance. I hope it meets my needs for friendships.