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Self esteem is lost

Thinking about deleting all my pictures on Instagram that show my face. I feel like this will be self libation. I know I will never be able to compete with the females that guys are looking for today. I've never felt so hideousĀ on my life. Too be honest social websites that are for finding new people have really ruined me. Seeing guys being with hot women or guys flirting with other females and then trying to say oh well we will see if we fall in love with each other then come to find out you log on the social media website were you two metĀ  and come to find out there is sexual images and other flirting with girls. I've lost all my self esteem. I can't do social online websites anymore. I wanted to make one more account to say if you don't see me on for the rest of time I'm still alive and ticking somewhere in The World. But I will not tolerate this internet abuse. I've also lost all self esteem finding a boyfriend and finding people to talk to. I'm done. I've tried. But this abuse is to much for me to handle.
hector You shouldn't compare yourself to others and you shouldn't bring yourself down because of others. What's important is feeling well and at peace. The internet is not going to give you those things.