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Dear white liberals

I find it interesting how many white liberals claim to be tolerant, open-minded, and free thinkers. Yet go off on any person of color who are not following the liberal agenda. I've seen many people of color myself included, be physically attacked, harassed, and verbally abused for choosing to walk away from the liberal mindset. I am not oppressed, I'm a first-generation American who is proud of my country. My mother went through the legal system to become an American citizen. I do not support illegal Aliens who enter the USA, I do not support BLM or Antifa's Marxist organization. I have seen these groups cause more harm to people of color like myself then "racist" patriots. I have first-hand, experience the hostel environment that these groups have caused. I have seen white Americans attack and accuse my white brothers and sisters of racism without proof. Hypocrites, you speak of fighting for equality while you yourself have attacked people of color, for not stepping in line to stand with your "movement of change". You hypocrites, You who call innocent men and women racist while you yourself are the racist. You who have attack white American brothers and sisters in your sick version of equality. I've seen white Americans turn on each other. You have bought the lie of fake equality fed to you by the democratic plantation owners.

BLM does not represent me as a POC, Blm does not fight for my equality, while they are working to take away my freedoms That my family came here to have. You speak of police brutality, Yet have not been to the country my family came from that is truly full of corrupted policias ( cops). Yes, I speak of Mexico. A truly corrupted country that is full of corrupted cops. I see so much that is wrong with the left its outstanding. News flash your full of shit. Take it as you will. Mi vale. #LatinasDontPlay #MizzFire
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