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Halloween decor and a cold

Tonight I start the process of getting my room together for Halloween while watching the Karate Kid films. I am also slowly getting a cold... I started getting it yesterday. Woke up with a stuffy nose and an itch in my throat but then today I woke up with a massive headache that has not gone away. Now the body aches are beginning to start and also slight nausea. At least decorating for Halloween is helping ease the pain and of course the Karate Kid movies. I like to put the Karate Kid films on my Zen movies list... I`m gonna need all the zen I can get... Tomato soup sounds good right about now!... Looks like I`m gonna sign off.

- Stay spooky my skulls
Nivram i cant wait for season 4 of Cobra Kai
Karl Wow! I love Halloween too but that's heaps early. But hey, no harm in getting prepared early. I like the Karate Kid films too! I re-watched them a few years ago and thought 'wait a minute....that's not Karate, that's Kung Fu!' That's when I discovered Okinawan style Karate which is very much like Wing Chun (I trained in it for 7 years). After that I found an Okinawan style Karate dojo near where I live. I love it! Sorry you're getting a cold, at least it's happening now and not right on Halloween! 😉