my random happening's


Went to their gg right here in Manchester last night!
All I can say is they rocked!!!!
They had some technical difficulties at first, but soon came back and wowed the crowd!
Not listened to their new stuff from cannibal too much yet, but enjoyed it all.
I loved their Evil Disco stuff!!! Takes me back!!!!!!!!!!
If they come to a town near you go see em'!
Anyway off now bye bye... should really update this blog a lot more often lol.

It's been while...

Well as the title states, it has been quite a while since I wrote anything in here. My excuse is I have been rather busy, what with work, my social life and creating a new layout for the site.

My job role at work has changed recently, no longer do I work as a web developer. Instead I have joined the 3D modelling team, it's a big challenge, but I have always been fascinated by 3D an I am really interested in expanding my knowledge into this area.

No that doesn't mean I am going to forget how to develop this website. I have been working on the new site layout for near enough over the period of 5 months when I can spare the time. I'm glad to say about an hour ago I managed to finish it to a state that I am happy with, theres just a few bugs tha need ironing out and then I am going to let the admins give it a beta test before it will be going live.

If your not an admin, don't worry you will see the update coming soon! I just want to test it with the admins to fix any problems that I may not already have found.

I'm quite excited and almost relieved that its finished, though there are still updates left for me to get integrated into the site that have unfortunately not been easy to include into this current update. Don't worry they will come along soon!

Any way, I'm just going to finish off fixing some bugs, giving the site the once over and getting on with the beta test!

Wooo, I'll write again soon!

The Worst Day!

What the hell happened today? This morning wasn't so bad, seemed like it was going to be a good day.. slightly cold, but otherwise good.

Half way through work my director said I could leave early due to the mental winds that had picked up. Lorries were overturning in the wind!!!!

I left work and started on my LONG journey home. Looking at all the fallen trees and BAM! out of no where a damn roof tile shatters at my feet! That was lucky, could have been my head. Then poor Nicky would have to look after GG alone!

I get's to Manchester on the tram... more or less my half way point home and noticed they had closed off Market Street with "Police Line - DO NOT CROSS" tape. I could'nt think of anything else to do... no other way around. Thought what the fuck and jumped it. Got to the other end of the street and had funny looks from Police telling me I wasn't supposed to be there, it was dangerous. I was cold, freezing cold. I couldn't care what they said to me, I needed to get to the other side.

Finally got to my bus stop to carry on my journey home and I was waiting for hours.. not a single bus... NOT ONE! GRAAARRRRHHHHHH!!!!! Then I here the trains have stopped running, the tram and the buses... all because of the weather.

I tried phoning a taxi, they wouldn't come.. the police had made it hard for anyone to get into Manchester due to their road blocks. Luckily just as I was about to start the long 9 mile walk home A BUS!!!! I didn't care what bus, it was just a bus! I made a mad dash for it and managed to catch it. After asking the driver where it was headed he told to my god damn joy that it was going to my town! It wasn't over there though. The journey home took just under 3 hours. At the end of that I had to walk half a mile just to my door because the bus didn't stop as close to home as I thought. Though finally I am home. *breathes a sigh of relief* Never have I been more happier to be sat where I am now.

I'm dreading tomorrow, I'm crossing my fingers that the weather is OK.

Please.. Please BE OK!

Evanescence Gig!

What can I say, was looking really forward to going to the Manchester Apollo gig yesterday... but then bam! Out of the blue they cancel it

To make matters worse, I bought the tickets of eBay due to the gig being sold out, plus I paid a LOT more than the face value of the ticket so it's anyones guess if I'll get a refund.

Hopefully the seller is a nice guy and he'll refund me.

Still wish I could have seen them though.

Dav out

How goes it?

Well life is going ok at the moment. One upsetting thing I heard on friday night when my girlfriend called is her car has been kicked in by chavs. Grrrrrr I hate them! Why do they go around pointlessly picking on peoples life to ruin? They smashed in the windscreen, the side doors, the lights, almost everything right outside her where she was rehearsing for drama. I guess they picked on her car because it didnt have an alarm system fitted. The main thing is that she is ok. If I could only catch who did it. No one would stop me giving them a beating they deserve.

I havent heard from her since and I'm worried out of my mind about her. I think she's a little shook up. I mean come on anyone would be. I just hope she is ok and I cannot wait to see her again.

About time....

Well its about time I got back to writing in this thing... tis probably feeling a bit neglected.

Anyways, only 17 scripts away from completing gg v2's framework, just gotta add all the juicy updates then wooo!

Oh yeah tonight I didnt get home till 9ish which sucked... stupid problem with the metrolink so i was sat on a tram for over an hour freezing and in need of a pee! But nevermind I'm home safe and warm now.

Just hope its not like that tommorrow on my way work.

Work is going well, there is one website that is seeming to take forever to near completion. I've worked tirelessly on it but you get to the point where you dont have all the content for the site and when you get in touch with the people who provide it you still dont seem to get what your after.

But hey thats nearing completion now and I cant wait till its done so i can move on to other sites. Only problem is the PC i work on is sooo slow but its either that or an even worse mac that has less than half the processing power of the PC lol with its puny 500mhz dual core PowerPC processor.. yes folks thats only 1 Ghz!!!!!! The PC has 1.7Ghz and half the software i use has minimum requirements of at least a 3Ghz so god knows how i get it to run on that machine. Then again i do sit around waiting for the damn thing to come to life.

Oh oh oh! I'm learning to drive also... hoping to be able to drive to work to stop stupid things like the metro breaking down from happening to me.

Also I can take my girlfriend out. She deserves it

Bye for now peeps.. im tired and i want to go to sleep!

She has left me!

Well this week Siobhan packed her bags and left me I feel so alone.

HEHEHE no we havent split up lol, she has gone to Greece for a week in the sun because their
isnt much of it around here lol. She's gone with our friend Rachael so I hope their both having
fun out there. I did try texting her but I've had no reply so Im guessing she hasnt took her
phone with her or its just not bloody working.

It's hard to believe that the one I love is in a whole different part of the world to me,
so far away and the worst thing is nowing that if I need her I cant just hop on a bus and go and see her.

I miss her soooooooooooooooooooooooo much!!! I feel worse than ever... I know I'm kinda selfish because she's away having fun but I wish she was back her in my arms, I miss her more than she probably knows, I miss her more than she could ever know.

Can't wait till she's back!


Well the first of April was mine and Siobhan's first year anniversary! She had to work most of the day which was annoying but what can you do lol?

I felt a bit awful at first because she had bought me DVD's, chocolate (one with a special message scribed on it) and some aftershave and all I had for her was a teddy bear I did promise to make it up to her when I get paid though.

Then later at the night we went out to a resturant that I had booked over the phone.

We get there to find its not very romantic at all. So I sat there feeling like a bit of a failure. Siobhan kept telling me its ok but I know it's not what we were both expecting. The food was ok, we could eat as much as we wanted because it was like a buffet but they had seriously put too much salt in the food so you would obviously want to buy a drink which adds to the price of your bill!

We finished our meal and decided we would go home and watch Queen of the Damned, yet we both ended up falling asleep every now and then. We cut the film short and slept in each others arms.

All I wanted was to spend the day with Siobhan and I got to spend most of it with her so I had a great day. Im really happy she has stuck with me for this long... Can't be easy going out with a big geek lol.

I love you Siobhan x


I started my new job on monday, I am a Flash Web Designer/PHP Programmer yay! Its hard to travel to because its soooooo far away but I will be driving soon if I put my mind to it!

Im soooo glad I got a job doing stuff I love to do!


Well recently I have been working on optimising GoneGothic to make it more search engine friendly, We still need members to spread the word...

I think tonight I am going to the cinemas with my girlfriend, will be fun and we get to spend some quality time together

hopefully il be getting a job doing work that i love to do... more news on that as and when i can share it lol

erm in other news im cooooold