My Poetry

never meant to be

Your voice is so tender, like a pillow upon which I rest my head
I think now and I look back, how can our love be dead?
Left you alone to work things out, wonder what went wrong
Now I cry alone at night, as i listen to our favourite song
I wish I knew what happened, what changed the course of our love
I sit here and ponder many things, as I watch the flying dove
Without you I feel I can no longer live, I have become so bored
I'll practise playing my guitar at night, playing the same old chord
For now I know I've lost you for good, you found the perfect guy
Nothing left in this world for me now, I think I'll give up and die
I press your picture against my lips, gently give it a goodbye kiss
Pushing the knife deep within me, nothing but dark abyss
Now I'm gone please dont cry, forgive me for being me
I realise now our love couldnt last, it just never meant to be

Copyleft © 2005 ~ dav

Love Was Once Lost

Love Was Once Lost

Give me your hand
Give me your heart
Give me your word
Then tear it apart

Forget all your feelings
Forget what you see
Forget I am human
You dont care about me

Cleanse all your hatred
Cleanse all your sins
Cleanse all fears
But you know no one wins

Scream out the window
Scream out at life
Scream in my face
Then go take a knife

Take one last look
Take one last sigh
Take one last breath
Your going to die

Push in the knife
Push it in deep
Push it in hard
Then fall into sleep

Lay there frozen
Lay there as frost
Lay there withered
Love was once lost

Copyleft © 2005 ~ dav

The One

This is for my beautiful girlfriend

You are my sweetheart, the one who saves me from pain
You are my sunshine, the one who keeps away the rain
You are my better half, the one who warms my heart through and through
You are my angel, the one I love is you
You are my lover, the one who I adore
You are my everything, the one who I live for
x x x