Poem Comments

"Perpetual Motion"

Enravished, her essence pours forth of delicious wounds in shuddering starts and stops

She forces it, relentlessly, into that ocean of pixels and light which delights so frequently in her indulgence

Stroke by stroke, her words emerge: pale phantoms all, the end result of a transmutation ill-informed

Meaning independent of context, she is become empathy's shadow, an emotion inverted and teeming with the foreign attributes of its opposite

Seduced by its own hand, bleeding backward, its origin in blushing submission to its own immediate need

Her expressions read alien even to herself, altered in transmission and begging of any venue less challenging, less imposing, more familiar

She'll take this because it's what she wants for herself, and she is not ashamed

The words strengthen as they proliferate, feeding her lush vulnerability in sums far more intoxicating than the components she intended for them

Breath quickening, her fingers work faster, her body in rebellion as it sings unbidden and lends action to meaning, passion to pleas, radiance burning in gradually-compounding waves with every new phrase and trembling truth

Her viewscreen erupts endlessly in the glowing cycle and recycle of her boundless issue, rhythms pulsing, ebbing, growing, slowing: all in salient service to the perpetual motion of her sinful engine, that all-too-frequent impetus now driving her application to another place, away of the digital devil currently raiding the physical while searching its source

Eyes fluttering, she divorces the electric external and revels in delicate fingertips easing her demand, the meaning of all she transmutes emerging in halting gasps, agonized ecstasy in a flow of human weakness too achingly beautiful to resist

Molecules of the surrounding atmosphere part sensuously to the gentle undulation of her exquisite machinations, giving in to the vibrations her long-awaited mantra teases and awakens in the cool night air

Her need is now palpable, expressed in its final stages of mathematical perfection: a golden spiral of thoughts to desires to inscriptions to conflagration to realized balance and the sweet intonations of the climactic infinite:

Don't stop...

Please don't stop...