Poem Comments

the only book the only chapter

Now I'm reading it over and over
I don't need a full library
I torment myself with an almost desolate shelf
Disposed to a single essence and presence of life
You thought that I knew how to swim very well
Maybe because I try my best to drown myself in this situation
I don't need a bookmark, either to check the end of the story
Because I identify very well the place and the time where I want to be
You know where and when
And that's why I become a time traveler through these words
Breaking through any time barrier
Resounding that something is missing
Buried under disagreeing oaths
Feeling you in every metaphor I discover because it's all about you
When and where are the only and the same situation that illustrates your image
If it were a simple romance, you would not be the protagonist of the story that has had the most impact on my life
And I will not turn the pages even though in the presence of the Nobel awards I am
That is my vote towards you, firm and indelible
Time is always subjective to emotions
So this book is always new to me
There are no more stories! There is no library!
There is only one ephemeral book that I ironically contemplate forever
The only book, the only chapter.