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Oh what a beautiful day it was!!! It didn't make much sense to me.
This is what I was afraid of Waking up inside a tube! That I couldn't leave.
They were inside of me, repairing my broken neck.
You've come to the right place......Whenever I was killed. This is where I stayed.
The void of the truth on the outside! There's no chance to escape.
Normally I’m not someone who is intimidated very fast, but this...I kept falling in and out of sleep.
And right now, I don't think it's a good time.
I don't think I have a name anymore.
The next time I wake up. I could be at the breeding table.
I can't be sure, as my masters do not speak my language.
They are very strict in their use of me, and they consider my needs very little.
However, when I first arrived, I was frightened. I was disobedient.
I was not a good animal, but I have learned over time that my resistance will only bring me pain.
I don't remember everything from before, but I remember the night it all started.
I lay panting on the table, now just waiting for whoever had taken me to show up.
It was just me and this creature, one tentacle curling up the forearm pinned against my side, the other working its way along the inner thigh.
The creature was taller than the average man, with multiple arms, strange joints, and what appeared to be a blue carapace, like that of a beetle.
It was an engorged pink, corded with muscles or ligaments, thick as my wrist.
I suddenly could only make soft, pathetic noises through my nose.
My mind wouldn't form into coherent thoughts.
The creature sighed, as if relieved to hear me shut up.
I began to shake, feeling completely exposed.
He fiddled with the plug and brought two straps, attached to either side of it, around my head and carefully clipped it in place behind my hair.
The creature got a damp sponge and rubbed me down, leaving me cold and sensitive.
The sensation was overwhelming. Its tongue opened up, to reveal a tiny mouth.
Another was wrapping itself around my neck and head, the tip tapping at my lips, trying to force itself into my mouth.
There was no space that was not filled by pulsing flesh.
It was slimy, slick like a fish would be, but oddly warm and pulsing.
I could not see what he was doing after that, only heard him rustling with his tools between my legs.
Then with a quick, powerful movement, the tentacle around my hand wrapped around the wrist.
The one in my mouth forced its way down my throat, muffling my voice.
I was being thrown up and down, wrists and ankles straining against the straps that held me.
Drool was spilling out of my mouth, and tears from my eyes, as the creature jotted down a few things, removed the gloves he had been wearing, and left the room.
My table tilted back down so that I was horizontal, and I stared silently as Osh moved back to my feet. I felt unable to speak. I no longer had a voice to complain about. Eventually, I passed out from fatigue.
When I woke up again, I was still strapped down, though this time I was in a different room; a darker room, and I was tied to the floor.
My brain released its euphoric chemicals that drowned out fear.I also felt dizzy; they must have drugged me.
A massive door opened in the distance, and a huge mass of writing tentacles came crawling towards me.
The monster came closer and closer, and I could see how it towered above me, hundreds of times my size.
I looked back as the massive monster got closer, whipping its tentacles in my direction.