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09 Jun 09 12:10 am *

Please read this before posting anything

Me and Kate have been talking and decided that although all users that we can identify have been notified, we have decided a warning needs to be put up about pictures.

Kate has discovered a website that had taken pictures of various users which had been posted in our legs, underwear and naked threads.

Although most users here would encourage others to post, it may be advisable to only keep them up for a limited amount of time (on photobucket) as this should help to prevent images being found and put on other sites.

also it is only pictures of the females on the site.

Kate and I have also decided not to post a link yet. we have looked through the photos and are sure we have picked out all of the pictures posted by users on the site and notified each one individually. NAMES OF THOSE ON THE SITE WILL NOT BE DISCLOSED BY US! (other than in private comments to those we found). the link will probably be posted within a week so as other users can double check, or find anyone on other sites but we are sure we have got everyone.

So just remember, there is a risk. but if you want to post, then keep it to short amounts of time on photobucket.

Edit: Dav has been notified, and admins will be working on trying to catch anyone who may have taken them from GG with the intent to post them on other sites without users permission.
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09 Jun 09 12:27 am
bloody hell 2 warnings in one night. Christ this is getting out of hand now.
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09 Jun 09 5:14 pm
Raven wrote:
bloody hell 2 warnings in one night. Christ this is getting out of hand now.

i posted this before i realised there as one in GD

also Sex and relationships is where most of the pictures were originally taken from so here it will be noticed and we can give other warnings like Kaela has which are specific to sex and relationships
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10 Jun 09 11:03 am
Fuck this shit. I'm having someone track this motherfucker as we speak. When he finds him, he's giving him a Trojan virus from hell.
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15 Jun 09 8:02 am
and even if it wasnt withdrawn im sure some people would have taken their nudes away anyway lol
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26 Jun 09 3:52 am
im glad i only posted one photo haha...
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01 Jan 11 8:01 pm
But I am an artist, I study nudes.
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24 May 12 9:27 pm
yeh, this warning went up 3 years ago now, i should think whoever was posting the pics elsewhere is gone by now, but obviously it would still be at a users discretion whether to post or not. but hey, if you wanna show off then there is the post pics of our sexy selves thread in this sub forum so you can if you wish
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16 Nov 13 10:55 pm
well ppl stealing pics is stupid anyway im a newbie hope to make some friends
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08 Feb 20 10:46 pm
Ill make sure to notify you guys if I see anything 🙂
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14 Mar 20 4:22 am
Not to sound offensive but it's a risk at any point and time to post anything that is of this nature on the world wide webs. Also, do we have means to make sure minors are not involved in this site? I am new here but it gives another concern to consider when having NSFW sort of areas on forums/ or in communities. It is personal preference of course when it comes to what you post, but like anywhere else, to encourage the masses is to reap what we sow.
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14 Aug 20 9:49 pm
Thats not only disrespectful, but also nasty. In my home country this can even be illegal