Remove ratings? Yea or nay?
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29 Sep 18 6:00 pm
I'm considering removing the user ratings throughout the site, it's an old part of the system and less than a quarter of our users actually have ratings enabled.

My main arguments for removing them is the time involved in cleaning up the code and interface would be better spent elsewhere. I've never really been a fan of ratings though so I'm a little biased.

I just want to get some user feedback, if you could let me know if you're for or against and the reason why that would be great 😁
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30 Sep 18 10:47 pm
I personally like ratings, maybe start from scratch and do a rating system like on black mirror. I love the idea of earning digital points and being able to get special things for the points.

It's basically like real life.

So I vote keep A ratings system, just not the old one.
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30 Sep 18 10:49 pm
oh and I love how you made the rest of the site all mobile but kept the desktop profiles! Maybe newcomers will actually be interested in html again!
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30 Sep 18 10:52 pm
New users need to also be able to see that this is a place where they can meet people and express themselves, I honestly think a newsfeed with this sites style would be fucking awesome!
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10 Oct 18 10:02 am
So yea right? 😉 I've removed the ratings for now, see how we go on without them.
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14 Oct 18 8:31 pm
A newsfeed would be awesome to facilitate more interactions between users. Not sorry to see the ratings gone. They are pointless really.
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14 Oct 18 8:43 pm
and I agree about the newsfeed. I just want to get all pages mobile friendly first and there's a few other tweaks coming that I need to sort out before that could be implemented. I do appreciate the feedback though 😁 so thank you!