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New Book

I just did a stint in a mental hospital because the counter guy took me seriously when I was angry at him for saying something rude when I scanned my debit card and then I said: "You know an arab just might blow up the place when I couldn't get beer on St. Patties Day. I have books available on for KIndle under the name David Marttir Vaccaro for books picture war, picture peace and the BLUE TOWER. Going to buy a computer and write a book about the 14 ghosts in the tower I used to live in. I have a hidden relative in England who was sired by my father in 1960, but I do not intend to go to England. I prefer to keep you on site here instead of using your email because I don't have a phone, so lets get started. I am in between women right now but there is a cutie Charlene Switzer that I met in a forensics unit last summer. There was a nother girl there too that came later but she had daddy issues about something very wrong that happened to her in her youth and she and I had many discussions about BUddhism.

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