so yeah
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22 May 19 9:34 pm
pretty dead here, with the occasional visitors...
not many say much, they just pass by...

the fuck is up with that, is it because there is no app?

Whoa, can you imagine if we had an app with a newsfeed... it'd be like a real gothic facebook, and it wouldnt have a silly name like vampire or zombie in it.
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16 Jun 19 8:09 pm
how can we spread word?
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04 Feb 20 11:03 am
You could use a search engine submission such as;
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14 Aug 20 9:51 pm
Its as dead as people want it to be, basically. I think a lot died down with the whole vampire freaks thing
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24 Oct 20 7:24 pm
Oh, damn...I find it annoying when people (not necessarily james; in fact, I think he started a kool Tumblr thread elsewhere) complain about How Dead Some Site Is, yet very often Those Same People Themselves Don't Really Do Any Frequent, Daily, Sincere, REAL, Interactive Site Activity, I have long noticed.


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24 Oct 20 7:37 pm *
I actually LIKE how relaxed and calmer GG is, heh...GW (with its shittyass Blocking Feature and respective Forced Interactions With Horrid Avoidables) turned into a horrible shithole, sadly, once too many insufferably-immature/blindly-malicious Hyaenas emigrated from the shithole that VF apparently eventually became (because of those same Deplorable Organisms, apparently).....


P.S. I Shun Racists. No Arguments.
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05 Jan 21 7:34 am
These a certain relaxed chill factor about5he site that I like 🐀