Any other Sopor Aeternus fans here??
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15 Jul 19 7:38 pm
Sopor has been my favorite for several years now and I can never seem to find anyone else who listens to her.
Are there any other fans of Sopor Aeternus/ Nenia C'alladhan/ Anna Varney Cantodea here? I'd love to find some other Sopor fans to be friends with.
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02 Aug 19 3:30 am
Yep!!! Totally a recent favorite of mine! And a favorite period. I often listen to POETICA: All Beauty Sleeps while writing stories and I was recently completely smitten by Children Of The Corn
Hey ummmm I was actually wondering about some information verification about commonly believed things about Anna Varney-Cantodea? Like, in what specific text did she say that Les Fleurs Du Mal was inspired by Jean Genet rather than the more well-known poetry anthology? It exists in the backlogs of Gaunt magazine (around 2007) but has no digital format.

I’d also love to find any quotes or digital sources that pertain to the Triptychon Of Ghosts. I love A Strange Thing To Say and Children Of The Corn and I’m gonna hunt down Have You Seen This Ghost at some point.

Oh yeah, I’ve also written about Sopor on my blog
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04 Aug 19 1:12 am
First post was just about my discovery of the band in general and the most recent was a review of Death & Flamingos