General suggestions
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03 Nov 19 3:41 am *
Hello! We have already discussed, but a news feed. It keeps the site active. Already discussed private messaging. Maybe a referral system to earn VIP time? Refer so many you get a free week, month etc. Earning badges? You know for active use, and time you've had a profile. Music on your profile. This should be nice kind of like old school myspce, maybe make it capable to upload an mp3 to your profile. Or even a playlist of mp3 youve uploaded. VIP users can get more like a ten capability playlist while regulars get 3 for example? A general upvote, downvote system. Wouldn't even have to show who props what, could be private. A shory story, or journal section on profiles with commemt options, until a newsfeed is implimented. That's all I got for now, anyone else?
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03 Nov 19 5:15 am
Oh, and lastly please make a check box to stay logged in? It's super annoying if you leave the page, and have to vome back to keep logging in. I could imagine driving away people.