Dave Cullen, Columbine and True Crime.
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15 Feb 20 1:20 am
So, Ive been interested in True Crime and the Columbine shootings for some time now. The more Ive researched it, the more I started to question the narrative of Dave Cullen and some of the narratives. Im a member of the TCC, but given that theres some way over the top animosity towards Cullen there I decided that I wanted to publish this here.


The interesting perspective is that Jeff Kass, which is another journalist that wrote about Columbine, has a somewhat different take on Columbine. But Im not really sure wether they both give some wrong takes on it.

- For instance, regarding bullying,,Jeff Kass seems to rely solely on one person that knew the two gunmen- Brooks Brown. And, shouldnt people rely on more than one source of information?

-Dave Cullen seems to narrow it down to psychopathy and depression(Eric Harris was a psychopath and Dylan Klebold was depressed). But how much of this is also motivated by environmental factors?
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24 Feb 20 7:08 pm
You're right, the journalist should have interviewed more than one person but I guess the shooters didn't have many friends. Often in life when things happen it's not solely one reason or another, it's a combination of reasons for events to happen.
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27 Feb 20 2:23 pm
True, from most of my research, thats what Ive learned too. Ive read Sue Klebolds book too, aswell as Larkin, Brooks Brown and Langman. Sue never saw Dylan getting bullied or had any idea what hes life was like at school. Im reading 'School shooters a typology', right now, and Langmann argues that Dylan was schizoid and probably suffered from avoidant personality disorder.

So Dylan talks about getting picked on by relatives, and Langmann mentions this. Yet, I can't recall that Sue says anything about this in her book.

Only two experts Ive read, happens to be Frank Ochberg and Peter Langman. Frank Ochberg argues that the Columbine killers were not bullied. Langmann argues that they were, but it's not an adequate explanation for why they did it.