While Im not giving up on GG...
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27 Jun 20 8:16 pm
Since I've been here there had been no updates. It's grtting close to a year. In which my contribution has slowed do to low interactions. Since I have found another site in which i fell for. I heard good and bad but here is my referral to minds.

On dark mode it reminds me of a VF/Instagram crossover but it is so much more. Also it literally pays you crypto currency just for activity on it. But thats optional.

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28 Jun 20 7:01 pm
I feel like it's partly up to the people on here to socialise more and message each other. BTW I'm not trying to run the guilt trip, just saying. The site could do with a 'touch up though.' Hey, I haven't given up yet. ; - )
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04 Jul 20 3:00 am
agreed .. i wish someone one will take over this social site.
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07 Jul 20 6:20 pm
I hope this becomes more active soon, I'd love to see an update aswell.