Watched this interesting documentary on Prime...
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12 Jul 20 2:12 am
It was called The Hat Man. I had to watch it twice to really get the full extent to what was going on. Doesn't help that I was watching it the first time at 2am and couldn't fall asleep afterwards! Some of the lines are extremely repetitive, but in all honesty it was such a fun little watch. Has anyone ever had the experience of seeing The Hat Man?
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12 Jul 20 7:27 pm
Nope. Sadly, where I am we miss out on a lot of things. I'm sure I could ask around and no one would know what I'm talking about. It's a safe bet it's not on any of our channels. LOL I'd have to look it up on Netflix or You Tube. What's The Hat Man about, BelladonnaCanvas?
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12 Jul 20 8:03 pm
The name of the title got me interested. I need to see this documentary.

Dreams have always kept me wondering. How they are so real to us while we're sleep.
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13 Jul 20 6:50 am
I googled The Hat Man and regret doing I don't think I'll be able to sleep tonight.
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13 Jul 20 7:10 am
Nope, I looked more into The Hat Man and now I find it fascinating!