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04 Dec 20 4:59 am
QUESTION: "Have You Actually Ever Soundly Gotten Your Ass Physically-Kicked By A Girl Before?"

Share/Elaborate below if You wish.....
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05 Dec 20 10:03 pm
Tracy Riggs fucking kicked my ass in 8th Grade so fast, she perfectly deserves to wear the costume of The Flash.



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08 Dec 20 6:28 pm
Nah. For me it's not a big deal. My sister gets angry at scenes in a film where a male character refuses to hit a female. I do know a few women that are definitely capable of kicking my ass though! Luckily I'm on good terms with them and they are my friends....sure hope it stays that way. LOL
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24 Dec 20 6:13 am
Haha...Excellent, Karl.....
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24 Dec 20 6:43 am
Nope. But my ex wife tried to kill me several times. Does that count? 🐀
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24 Dec 20 1:13 pm
From a girl's perspective.. I don't think it's cool to hit guys. But say we're being goofy and wrestling, I've pinned my ex countless times. My fiance though, I can't win lol

Me though, my sister used to kick my ass all the time. I guess I should be going to the gym... haha
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24 Jan 21 10:51 pm
Just remembered; years ago I was fencing in a medieval re-enactment group. During a tournament I was fighting a lady who was 10yrs older than me (I was 30+). She went to stab me in the stomach but I blocked it and deflected her sword away from my stomach but redirecting the tip into my crotch! Good thing I wore a box! She joked "you lost to a girl and an old one at that!" I didn't understand the joke. Loosing a fight to a female is no different to a male and I figured older people would generally be more experienced so loosing was no big deal. Looking back it's kinda' funny! Ha, ha!