Friendship breakup.
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09 Mar 22 4:44 pm
It really hurts. I honestly am a loner, and its frustrating.
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09 Mar 22 4:48 pm

'We learn how to make friends, how to share and how to cope with bullies when we’re young, says Miriam Kirmayer, a clinical therapist who specializes in young adult and adult friendships. Those kinds of conversations stop in adolescence, despite the fact that, as a 2017 study published in Personal Relationships noted, friendships become increasingly important as we age. Friendships can be an even stronger predictor of well-being than familial relationships as we get older, the study showed.'

Im not really sure its true that we all deal with bullies. I also believe that its easier to deal with bullies if you have friends. And that bullying can affect the choices people make later in life
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09 May 22 9:46 pm
I had a classmate that was super nice. She admitted an attraction to me but I don't feel the same. To make things worse, she's in a relationship. I gently dismissed it, said "sorry, I don't feel the same." Then tried to keep the peace by just being a good friend.

But as the months went by she started asking questions like "why didn't you talk to me today?" even though I did. She seemed to be urging for more of a one-on-one communication. I told her this sort of over analysing makes me feel uncomfortable, and I hate drama. But she didn't listen.

It got worse on her birthday when she moved to sit next to me that day because "it really means a lot to me." Seriously, WTF!?

Anyway it finally escalated when she put her mobile next to my desk, it has a photo of me she took from my profile photos.

I freaked out. Took a day off, asked for some peace but she didn't listen. So I told the teacher who was very good about it. Blocked the girl's number and blocked her on social media....

I feel betrayed and resentful. We could have finished the course without discontent if she just shut the f*ck up and act like an adult.

Makes me wanna' be the ultimate introvert. : - (