Where'd everyone go??
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06 Jul 22 5:33 am
Hello! I made my first account on here in like 2005? 2006? Anyways it used to be booming. Anyone else remember when we all had extensive HTML on our pages, a playlist, crazy backgrounds, etc? I miss those days! Its no surprise that this site lasted longer than VF and DarkStarlings....sigh
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06 Jul 22 5:39 am
I came here about 2 years ago and never saw much activity on here. I was on vf for a long time but never heard of DarkStarlings.
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06 Jul 22 7:18 am
I guess its been slow for a minute then. GG used to be similar to VF.
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08 Jul 22 12:00 am
im always around
welcome back im Marvin btw
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13 Jul 22 1:27 am
Personally, I think it’s because this was such a small community and it was difficult to get people to join. Other sites don’t even require HTML post images anymore. Basically, this site has been outdated for a decade.

Also, personally, I think the admin team was a little strict and it was easier for them to get to the root of a problem since it was such a small community.
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13 Jul 22 1:06 pm
Hello :-) Zanthia here, 42, Florida, I just joined here, I live in St. Petersburg Florida, I’m an artist and love nature and science :-). I am a singer, traveler, and massage therapist. I post videos and photos every day!
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31 Jul 22 2:19 am
i joined on the 19th of february, 2015.

i was probably high or drunk or both.

i use this site to post random pointless bullshit once a year or so.

i like toast, cheese on toast, fried egg on toast.
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06 Jan 23 4:03 am
I was on gothwire before it become heyfreaks, it become full of trolls, attention seekers and not enough options to chat.
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11 Feb 23 4:27 am
Came here from facebook. Felt like everybody only talked about the fashion. Joined this group today cuz I want real conversations. Wish I had some friends to share this group with but im in butt fuck iowa, USA and there's not a venue near me for about 3 hours.