Knock, Knock! Anybody there??
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15 Nov 22 4:37 am
I've been a member of GG on and off, I first signed up in 2007 then forgot my password to my account and I guess it got automatically deleted due to inactivity so I registered again back in 2011 and I deleted my account again sometime between 2013 or 2014 and returned back in 2016 (as shown in my profile) but I think I may leave again because nobody ever seems to really come back here apart from a few people. Not even Dav comes back to update us on anything.

This is a real shame because GG has become part of my life history, I actually have some friends nearby that I met on here years ago and I would never have gotten to meet them in person if it wasn't for GG in the first place.

God I miss this place being so active. I feel like Facebook has stolen everyone now.

I hope I get to see the oldies of GG again, I miss you all!
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15 Nov 22 2:44 pm
A handful of us pop up around here. Dav was just online not tooo long ago. I drop in several times a day to check on new posts. Welcome back!
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16 Nov 22 1:46 pm
I joined in 2006, however I kept leaving and changing my username so it was hard to keep up 😂

I would often talk to people like Mishy/KandyKunt, Rick/GodOfMurder, Nicky/Daydreamer and a few others, but I think they have all since left 🤔

The last time I actually logged in I think was probably 2015 and only today I decided to come back after clearing out my emails.
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21 Nov 22 1:52 am *
2005/6 was when I first joined I didn’t really do anything here until 2009.

Even the old members just stopped using the GG group on FB. Personally, I feel like some of them just want to forget some things that went on here.
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23 Nov 22 3:34 am
Hi, I’m fairly new here
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23 Nov 22 11:46 am
Gothwire commit suicide not too long ago. Always liked it here better, so that's ok.
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24 Nov 22 12:35 am
gothwire is gone? When did they disapear? Im surprised there was no mention on this other site im on.
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24 Nov 22 3:45 am *
Thanks for letting me know; I also really miss