Hi new here
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22 Jan 23 9:28 am
Hello, my name is Fonda J Kerr and I am the author of Wicked Innocence. It's a dark thriller about a serial killer trying to discover who he is! I've been depressed as long as I can remember so dark poetry has always come easy to me. I believe that anyone who has known darkness in there lives carry it with them always.
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23 Jan 23 7:21 pm
Hi Fonda!
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09 Feb 23 3:29 pm
Hi,nice to meet you!
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11 Feb 23 4:24 am
That darkness you're talking about. I feel it to. It's like a shadow that creeps in around the edges of my vision. Most of my shit is just rants and screams so i'd love to give your work a go. How can I find it? Welcome to the group