While Im not giving up on GG...
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27 Jun 20 8:16 pm *
Since I've been here there has been no updates. It's getting close to a year. In which my contribution has slowed do to low interactions.

Since I have found another site in which i fell for. I heard good and bad but here is my referral to minds.

On dark mode it reminds me of a VF/Instagram crossover but it is so much more. Also it literally pays you crypto currency just for activity on it. But thats optional.

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28 Jun 20 7:01 pm
I feel like it's partly up to the people on here to socialise more and message each other. BTW I'm not trying to run the guilt trip, just saying. The site could do with a 'touch up though.' Hey, I haven't given up yet. ; - )
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04 Jul 20 3:00 am
agreed .. i wish someone one will take over this social site.
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07 Jul 20 6:20 pm
I hope this becomes more active soon, I'd love to see an update aswell.
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20 Jul 20 6:40 pm
It'd be nice if this site could pickup what VF dropped such as groups and maybe a live chat.
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21 Jul 20 7:38 pm
OccasionalDemons wrote:
It'd be nice if this site could pickup what VF dropped such as groups and maybe a live chat.

Would be way more interested in this site if there was a live chat feature.
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02 Aug 20 7:14 pm
I trie to write a bit back and forth so the forum doesnt die down
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09 Sep 20 5:30 am *
Hi guys, dropping in. Thank you for the responses. I am way less active than I used to be on VF. Also I do think i gave this site a fair amount of effort.

I encourage people to join minds on dark mode it feels like VF but different userbase. The freedom of speech and posts has made it a home for may conservatives and conspiracy theorists. I think basically because most veiws are blacked out everywhere.

But truly if it's not your thing you can find your thing. Depending on who you add you make your feed. The only "ads" are user pushed posts that will be at the top of the feed. I would really love to find more dark minded folks to join so I could make a "spooky feed" or something.

Well just dropping in. Have a nice day.
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09 Sep 20 7:48 am
That's well said and fair enough. I get more messages and responses on here than I do on FB. ; - )
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19 Sep 20 9:18 am
Sadly the primary problem with any social platform is the need for those in admin to be hyper active. This place is sadly lacking the high level of activity it needs to sustain interest by users. If they continue to sit back and let things tick over without interacting with members they can expect it to fold up and whither.

I'm not sure who would be the right person to contact and give a wake up call to. But am willing to do some free work on the site. Perhaps in promoting it and dealing with minor coding. But of course for free.