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27 Feb 21 1:39 pm
QUESTION: "Do You Keep In-Touch With Your Exes? Why Or Why Not? Would You Ever Actually Want To Get Back Steadywise With Any If Them Or Not?"

Share below if You wish.....
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27 Feb 21 9:50 pm
My goal has always been to keep the friendship after the relationship, this should be everyone's goal. - but it doesnt always work out this way.
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28 Feb 21 5:11 am
Nah. I never make an effort to Keep In Touch With Exes.

I permanently cut things off.

I confess that I still sometimes Muse Sexually About My Last Ex.

She was certainly A PsychoWild, Insatiably-Hot, Hyper-Sexyass Pr0n5+4r, fo' sho'.

Yeah. Ha. But nah...I turned her down when she came back to me a year later (with a brand-new Newborn from some damn Deadbeat Dad Loser who actually left her after the kid was born) after she left me.....



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01 Mar 21 7:54 pm *
One left all her old friends behind (we were friends before and after we dated).

One passed away (we were friends after we dated and at the time of her passing she was essentially the only friend I had left at the time that I would still see).

One was my friend before we dated. Things got really ugly when we dated but in the end we decided to pretend it never happened and went back to being friends.

One tried to be friends with me after we dated (I tried too) but that pedo she left me for wasn’t okay with that. Things got ugly between us as well but we at least tried to part ways on good terms. She’s the only one I would have considered taking back, but that’s never going to happen now. I just wish her the best and hope she will find someone better.
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01 Mar 21 10:45 pm
I'm only in touch with one because she's actually pretty cool and we have same circle of friends. But my last GF I got in touch with in 2018. It was nice and friendly, good to have someone to socialise with. But she got paranoid then the messages were getting really melodramatic. I really don't need that in my life, just when I thought of blocking her number she stopped anyway. Haven't heard from her since this time last year.
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08 Apr 21 7:15 pm
my first ex, was a child predator, met him here. Pretty sure he wanted/was fucking his neice.. we dated for two years, after I had a miscarriage, and was getting accused of cheating on a daily basis. I left him. He stocked me for a while afterwards. I found out that he was possibly married not legally divorced / separated I also found out that he had a record and restraining orders all from concerned parents with young teen girls. I was 17 when i left, til this day most immature 32 yr old I've ever met. So no, we aren't in touch.

Had a long distance male friend, wouldnt say we dated.. but we would have phone sex and shit when he was on off with his on and off girlfriend. Forgot the guy til a few years ago, right before I deleted fb. He tried sliding into my DMS. I laughed. Guy sold his life to the navy, and was lonely af. No we aren't in touch.

A guy friend, who I dated a week. To make him realize we were better off as "friends" (I was peer pressured and I felt bad for him also he fits the description of a shooter) he kept trying to talk me into taking his virginity. He got mad and violent (he tried to rape me) when I ended our friendship over it. Then married a girl i vaguely know, to get back at me? I found out he can't keep his dick up for her, and apparently he resents me. He tells anyone who will listen bullshit stories about me. Claims "I stole his virginity" 🤣 "broke his heart" and "used him" we aren't in touch, but once in a blue moon ill run into him. Damn he stares so hard too.

One of my exs, I kept in touch with. It would be weird not to since we are married 😆 maybe ill share that later in the relationship forum