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05 Mar 21 8:36 pm
~Finish The Sentence:

"When You Sneeze, It Usually Sounds Like _____."


Share/Elaborate down below if You wish.....
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05 Mar 21 8:45 pm
Usually whilst growing-up, I would sneeze 3 Times, though in recent years, I more often sneeze 2 or even just 1 time.

(I am actually damn Expert at quelling sneezes even before they build-up, though if it's GOING to happen, I quickly book-it to A Hallway Or Another Room Far Away From Others)

My Sister actually went through a spell years ago when she'd just HAAAAAVE TO BE GODDAMN FUCKING *LOUD*.

3 Big: *AH!* *AH!*


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05 Mar 21 8:47 pm
I had An Ex-Girlfriend that would sneeze a LOT of times in a row.

One time, I counted 33 Sneezes In A Row.


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06 Mar 21 7:49 am
I absolutely hate it when I have to sneeze, especially during allergy season.

When that happens I usually hit myself in the nose, it forces out several sneezes.