Accent Thread
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11 Jun 15 12:42 am
Today one of my coworkers said I sounded different.
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01 Jul 16 10:14 pm
Sunspots wrote:
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Always loved your accent Kat! Miss the yahoo conferences lol
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27 Aug 17 8:59 pm
Dixie Chicks play in Texas, I'd say that is three presidents ago...
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04 Apr 21 4:23 am
My accent is bizarre. One moment I sound "normal" the next I have a draw, a twang, and apparently when I flirt everything goes out the window and I turn into a valley girl. I've never been to the west cost 🤷‍♀️
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04 Apr 21 10:55 am
As someone who loves languages I find the unique and distinctive accents ne of the best aspect of linguistics 🦊