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03 May 21 12:55 pm
QUESTION: "Were You Ever Paddled-As-Punishment By The Principal Or The Teacher When You Were A Young Student In School?"

Share/Expound down below if You wish.....
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05 May 21 4:25 am
never. But I did see the "paddle of shame" while passing down the halls once or twice
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05 May 21 12:17 pm
Yes. My mother sed a wooden ruler while my father used his leather belt. I never suffered any long term damage. I do believe we are now seeing the damage liberal doctrine has had on children these days 🦊
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05 May 21 11:53 pm *
I got paddled by my hot, sexy, young, twentysomething 2nd Grade Teacher for making Paper Airplanes.

Daaaaamn...I was surprised that she could smack me that hard, heh...she was so pretty and petite. XD

I think I also got paddled in 7th Grade too. I can't recall too well the details, heh...

My Parents consistently belt-whupped me and my siblings since we were kids until I was maybe about 14.

I sense a lot of those inexcusably-misbehaved Entitled Insurrectionist Bratffluenza Idiots that tantrumly-rioted The Capitol were unfortunately not blessed enough to have been properly-disciplined while they were "growing up".

They Have My Endless Pities...the poor simpleminded brats.