anyone finding it harder to make friends online?
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27 Jun 22 4:31 am
I am, it just seems like the internet is becoming empty
the only tiny portion left just looks like a bunch of dumb drama crap
as far as I've seen
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28 Jun 22 3:45 pm
Yeah! Since VF went. Everything online is slow.
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29 Jun 22 3:16 am
ya since the vf admins chose to be bullys they sunk the whole ship for everyone...shameful indeed.
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30 Jun 22 1:46 am
we need a reboot here.
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30 Jun 22 7:42 am
hector wrote:
@dav we need a reboot here.

Hey , believe it or not I am still working on the site albeit mostly on improving the code quality in order to make updates easier for myself in future.

I started this site 18 years ago when I was 16 and had a lot of time on my hands and as you can imagine the way I originally built the site doesn't lend itself to easy updating.

Now I'm a father, husband and full time software engineer so it's difficult to find time to work on upgrades but I am trying.

I hope the fact that the site is still up after all these years indicates that I am still committed to this community, otherwise I would have closed it long ago and saved myself a load of money.

I met a bunch of great people on here and I'd like to think others have and will continue to do so.

I'm just not sure what kind of upgrades will bring people back now that social media sites dominate.

I wish I had more time to commit and could provide a clear roadmap but I don't want to promise anything like I have on the news posts in the past as I can't guarantee when any updates will come.

I do appreciate all of you who still check in on the place from time to time.
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30 Jun 22 10:14 pm
Thanks for the update,

Yah man maintaining a site and creating new features takes a lot of time. Especially with a full time job and family.

This is just my insight on the site.
As far as what would bring users back. I would say if you can work on getting the time logged in to stay logged in. The system logs the user out if you are not clicking throughout the site. I can login to GG and then open up another tab and if I come back five minutes later. I'm logged out. If you can adjust that to stay logged in that would be great users would see others logged in which could help in user interaction.

another thing is the site is not fully optimized for mobile. I know the site has old code but if you can do some UI changes especially the profile layout so that it makes it easier on the user on mobile.

Those two things could bring users back.

also keeping thanks for keeping the site up since it eats money, I was not a member here but I heard it did have premium features through paid membership. If you still have those features, then maybe that would be one way to help support the site's bill.
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06 Jul 22 7:51 am
Definitely. Online is all drama, ads, politics, etc. It used to be so easy! Especially if anyone remembers AOL chat. GG and VF used to dominate the scene. Insta used to be reliable. Theres always snap but eh. Not messing with tiktok. Probably just gonna put an ad in the newspaper under the personals section and title it "seeking platonic friendship" and see if the one lonely person out there who still reads the paper responds and then either get catfished by a rapist or a cat lady.
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13 Jul 22 1:33 am
Online in general, it seems people are too focused on dividing each other.
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31 Jul 22 2:21 am
yes. yes i am.

can it be that it was all so simple then.

back in the day.