Andrew's Diary

finally got world at war

now i got cod4,waw,mw2,black ops woot :3

its official i got no life

cause i played enough black ops to be where i am at now and thats 15th prestige level 50


yeaaaa damn tomorrow is last day of junior year and i passed all my finals XD which surpirses me cause i havent done any work for 2 months in any of the classes yet i still passed all my finals with B's


next week on thursday (may 26th 2011) wll be the last day of my junior year and at my conference i will be doing half days next year which means only 2 classes instead of 6

just got baptized

just got home from being baptized at church :3

nintendo 3DS

i went to gamestop at midnight to get the nintendo 3DS and super street fighter 4 which is like what every one bought with the 3ds lol its a cool system reminds of if nintendo wii had a portable system the 3ds hurts your eyes if you stare for even a minute

moms getting married

well my mom and real "dad" got devorced when i was 4 and this summer will mark the 3 years my mom has been with her new bf so they are gunna get married so i guess i will have a "step dad"

R.I.P. Oliver A.

so one of my friends died in the hospital today (1/18/11) i dont know much but imma go after school and find out so..R.I.P. Oliver Alucard

got a job

i got a job and it sucks the building is way to hot and its really boring and my co-workers are annoying..

got internet

ok moved in the new city got internet running up that means no more stealing very low wifi to play black ops XD