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You don't fit the code - Dexte

Gender: Female
Age: 26
Star Sign: Gemini
Ethnicity: White/Caucasian
Religion: Atheist
Height: 5'0" (155cm)
Location: Malta

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about me
Twenty something with an old soul. Human compassion amazes me. Loves to be spontaneous and having a tidy desk, sleeping in mornings off and is punctual depending on enthusiasm. Socially, I either just listen or have no idea what to say. Always the supporting character, if life was a movie. 99% of my brain is music lyrics. I have a high level of openness, possess a vivid imagination and comfortable with change. I tend towards individualistic behaviour and sometimes impractical thinking. To be honest, I act immediately on impulse which can be fun and disastrous. I can be social but I’m rather reserved, enjoy time alone but value my strong relationships with friends. I don’t shy away from tough decisions and I didn’t come into this world to please everyone. There’s nutella for that. Also, I’m emotionally reactive which effects my ability to think under stress :D For you, a poison girl. I want to kill loneliness with you. I want to taste your kiss of dawn and give you heaven tonight, one last time. Through joy and sorrow, I beg you please don't close your heart. It was heartache every moment before I met you. I've been buried alive by love so many times, waiting for resurrection. Let's drive into the night and crawl down dead lovers lane, Where you'll be right here in my arms and I'll be buried deep inside your heart. So let's keep on pretending, no one will love you like I do. From your sweet 666.

Singing, reading, horror movies, music, lyrics, poetry, art, expression.

Driving Staying in the sun Politics Coldplay

favourite music
Too many to mention. From 80s to death metal.

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