Cyber_Kazoo's Poetry

where am i?

whats going on? where am I?
could somebody please turn on the light?
why cant i feel anything? my body, why cant i feel my body?
what? whats that?
a light, a bright, whitelight!
oh dear god! is this it? is my time up?
hey i can see things much clearer now; theres my body, so pale and cold, my eyes, as pale blue as a baby boys bedroom walls, practically white.
does anyone know im here? that i have passed away, moved up to another level in life, death?
i must have been dead for quite awhile...
as stiff as a brand new block of clay, and as cold as one as well.

I gotta go; someone will eventually find my body.
so this is it, life after death, but where do i go?
where are the gates of heaven? or have i gone to the underworld instead.
maybe im nowhere, maybe im not dead, i must be between the living and the dead. where am i now?
im lost!

Oh joy! i can feel my body again! but its still so dark, but now its hot and wet.
oh gosh! theres that light again!
hey someone found me! a masked man, oh no!
hey! no! stop! dont touch me there!
get that out of my nose!

oh, a blanket, a nice, soft, warm blanket.
i think ive just been reborn.
whose that?