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about me
About me:
Hello Earthlings. As you can see my names Kelsey I've never really liked the name. I've never really liked the name. I'm insecure, i worry too much. I take what people say about me to heart. I cry over stupid things. I waste my time with all the wrong people. I'm never happy with how i look. I smile at people i don't know. I give people the wrong signals. I'm far from perfect you don't need to tell me. I hope tomorrow will be better. I wish i was 5 again. I'm still waiting for my perfect heartbreak. I'm slow i guess. I had a life threatening illness. I'm not perfect but i am however irreplaceable. I'm unique. I may not think it but I’m beautiful in my own way. I want to be like the girls on the magazines. The one boys dream about. I want to be the one he's afraid to lose the one he wants to hold onto. The one who accepts me for everything i am. The one who will not judge me. The one who wouldn't force me to change, not even for the world. I want to be able look at the stars and spell your name with the stars constellations. I've never been one to fall in love. It's just a trap. Loves Game they call it. I find it hard to trust people because you never know what they're thinking. Sometimes i take jokes too seriously. I cry most of the time. I wear alot of make up but it's how i feel comfortable not how you do. My life is none of your concern until i decide it is. I read books when i'm upset. I don't fall in love easily, i need to trust he'll be there to catch me when i fall. When i'm angry i say things i know i'll regret. I shout, I scream, I kick, I punch. I live for the saying 'look out for tomorrow and the surprises it will bring'. I see people for who they truly are, and i expose it. I might like you. But i might not. I'm fussy about my friends, i need they're trust. Try to make me love you, it will either take a long time, or i'll fall straight away. That's just me. Yes i'm from England born and raised. I'd be totally different without the guidance my parents give. The Script are my God's. They teach me lessons in life. I make mistakes all the time but i learn from them. My parents allow me to do what i want. If i make the wrong choices they believe it will help me grow and become a better person. That's me. Don't like it leave. I couldn’t care less. Your loss not mine.
r e m e m b e r, a s l o n g a s i h a v e y o u r l o v e. n o t h i n g e l s e m a t t e r s. 'they say that love is forever, your forever is all that i need.' - sleeping with sirens.
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