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about me
Video games I heard of and want to play. If you've a video game not listed on here I would be glad too hear you out and would give more conversation starters sense I can't start a conversation unless my life depended on such. Lunar Legend. A array of Donkey Kong games. A array of Paper Mario games. A array of The Legend of Zelda. A array of Pokémon Games. A Varity of Yoshi and Kirby Games. Castlevania. Dot Hack the old PlayStation 2 games you should see how insane the Quarantine one is for the price is now the price is pretty crazy. Also the G.U. series. Devil May Cry Series. Tales series. Dark Cloud One series. Crash Bandicoot and Croc and so much more!

Keep in mind though and don't get excited because most of the games I only played only a few series by them or none at all and only know the title and a few details about them.

I'm not into games with homophobic fear of losing fandom or games that are over $e9ualized or romance games. Also I know this might get some hate but I never gotten into the Metroid games any or into space themed games. I know Star Fox might be a what you serious right? Tell me you're joking? No not really I'm not. I remember playing the GameCube version and falling asleep. But Wolf is really cool though. I'm an extremely a wuss when things are into horror games. But I've heard of games like RE of course which is obvious but what is all this hype with zombie games? Boring! Although four was rad. Fatal Frame. Clock Tower. Dino Crisis. Bioshock was really cool though! I know I could list more horror games but that would give us more room for conversation right?

favourite music
If I'm offline which most of the time I'm because I've memory lost and I forget a lot. Kik is: TheFourWolfPrinces Insta is: SnowLilyKuroKuroKuro0891 and I hardly post and also I rather chat on KiK. I need a better phone battery charge life if I were to use this for chatting. Google Hangouts. Ask on either but I prefer KiK. Also I made a new Kik because of personal reasons so that's why my account is only a few days old.
















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