Life & Goth
Just a blog about who I am and what I think about the Gothic community. May involve some ranting at times.

Episode 1. History

I grew up in a foster home from the age of 3-13. After both foster parents died within 6 months of eachother, I moved up to Beautiful Harbor Springs/Petoskey. I lives there for 7 years before moving down to Auburn Hills. I have been living with my amazing sister for 2 months now. I could not be my true self up north (That is what I call Harbor Springs area) I had to move out of my parents house and into a place "of my own". So far, its been a blast. I have not been told to take my eyeliner off (once, and that was when we were going to church) and I express myself as I see fit!I am a host at Olive Garden, and have a love hate relationship with it. But money is money.