Virtue's Poetry

Memoirs of a madman

I stare into the mirror before me,
it’s not clean and
there’s a crack in the top right corner.

It's good enough to reflect
an unfamiliar face
staring back at me.

Who are you?

You’re nobody!
And you never will be!

You know you can never face
It alone.
You need me!

Shut up!
I Don’t need you!
I punch the mirror and it cracks.

You think THAT
is going to stop me?
You’re pathetic!

I feel lonely,
my only friend a selfish,
vengeful person.

I despise these conflicting feelings
of love, despair, regret,
elation, hate.

C’mon, lighten up!
Let’s just go back to the old times
Me and you!

Lets fuck the world,
forget about everything-


You know you want to.

I smash the mirror

In the shards I still
see his face gazing back.

I take another swig of vodka and smile.