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July Updates

I've been busy lately with the redesign, but it is coming along nicely and you'll all be able to see it soon. I'm going to change the design progressively because it's such a large area of work and each page needs testing to varying degrees.

This means that when I launch the new design it'll look similar to the current one in some respects, but come with added benefits such as mobile responsiveness so you'll finally be able to use the site on your mobile phone and tablet without all the zooming around. I'm also going to start implementing the new design before all the pages are complete so I can gather feedback about the new vs old pages, but I'm definitely going to update the most used pages first so many may not notice the old design creeping in.

Once all the pages are updated to the new front end framework, I'll get to work on actually designing them away from what we already have here with your feedback. Unfortunately during this period the site style switcher will have to go away as it'll have no useful effect on the new design other than messing it up.

For now, here are a few of the updates I have made since my last post:

  • Added user card tooltips to the new user mention links
  • Removed enemy lists, they were a unused feature by the majority of users and I don't see any benefit in keeping the feature around.
  • The forums are now publicly accessible and I've fixed an issue with polls not rendering their content correctly.
  • I've just fixed an issue that was preventing new user signup's. Thanks to for reporting it!
  • Fixed a bug with the pop-up smilies, there was a missing template causing a white screen error.
  • Fixed an issue with the search pages pulling out numbers in place of religion, ethnicity, etc...
  • Fixed an issue with the style switcher
  • Fixed a bug with the preview profile option. Thanks to @gallifrey_rises for reporting it!
  • Reverted the deletion code, the new way was a little buggy and left a few orphan threads, comments and posts around

As always please let me know if you notice any bugs.


OloElEeee I'm so impressed that this site is still going!! Around 10 years now isn't it?? So weird!
Katzu_Nagatsuki how are things dav?
dav @Cheeto thanks for pointing out the problem. It is fixed now.
dav , true
Sunspots I don't think it's ever really been thought of because in the earlier days of GG, half the damn users were still in school and not working.

Good idea, though.
dav @Cheeto that's not a bad idea, strangely enough it's one that's never been requested. I'll look at adding it into the update of the site. Thanks.
dav @Cheeto I'll fix that asap, thanks for letting me know. The profile generator was very complex and only served to make my job of upgrading the site even harder.

I will be gradually bringing customisation options back after the new site has been launched though.
Sunspots I know we had issues before with pictures being stolen that were posted in the Relationships & Sex forum.

I get your point about the searches, though. As long as profiles can still be private?
dav , they have never been public as far as I can recall. Basically it comes down to SEO, the more content the search engines can absorb the more likely it is we'll be found for different search terms which might convert into a user.

I'm not sure making them public would have any negative effect with regards to trolls. Am I overlooking something?
Sunspots I just read through all of this again because something caught my eye. Why are the discussion boards public when we pushed so hard to keep them private due to trolling assholes?
walkingcorpse keep up the good work mate im behind ya oh did i really say that oh dear hick up lol
dav thanks for pointing that out, I've fixed it now. I had asked about this in the forums but nobody seemed to be experiencing the issue so I never fixed it. Glad it's sorted now though.
Misanthropic_Nature Hey dav, i uploaded a picture on my mobile and i cant seem to set it as a default.

Is that a bug of some sorts?
dav Thanks Kat, I'm trying my best. I think I've always underestimated the size of the task I have on my hands here, but I'm trying to compartmentalize each part of the site to make working on it easier.

Thanks again, it means a lot.
Sunspots Great job! I love seeing that you haven't given up on this site yet.