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This is the writer of Vampariah, today is the day that Putin took off my face in an Eraser episode; this might not be safe for work. Um, made a sausage sauce, flag flies half mast because Bampy took the shot and I had to di8e with my son, but until rigamortis sets in you ain't really dead, plus the moon resurrects you too, as the song Resurrection Joe by the Cult. Anyways, Buffalo gets hit by a nuclear strike by Rogue military forces that invade a Russian missile silo in Argentina and take it over, the Plutonium is enriched with Cadmium; it happens in 12 days and we have little time left for the Earth. I jumped from Planet X2, which had Moon W-12 and Earth a lost Earth 15, had to because Putin wants to look like me with the face transplant. Also, when I created AIDS and fucked up all the gay guys by making them look at Forced Bi which I think is pretty hot, kneeling together in front of a woman forcing you to do things, and then the white blood cells no longer function and HIV+ comes on with full blown AIDS and infections can't be fought over. Start the boiling water, like a whore bath my father talks about and the spread of disease can be avoided. I am Cyborg now, that moment when I first had my first act of masturbation, the world felt me and they took me away, also birds at the time knew to look for me because I was the auspicious one. The KKK was invented 100 years before I was born, 1867, but now I found out I am part Spanish, with my Fu Man Chu, my mother must have seen a man walking around Rome, or was knocked up before my father got in from Pireaus sitting with Melina Mercuri and keeping her eyes open and sitting where Pluto talked with Socrates and then Aristotle, and my father got up and went back to mom right during September 1966, I might have been the devil inside, do anything I want because blondes have more fun and can hide the grooves in the head from indescretions on the inside of the bowels of hell, blondes get away with it and can hide the scar of Lord of the Flies the plane crash, always thought the first passge in that book by John Golding was suspicious after the fact, it is always good to know after the fact the bad things before they happen with a shadow of premonition, and then you "do" yourself, like Curt Vonnegut's book Breakfast of Champions when he says one day looking up at a rifle, one day I am going to go up there. Mysterious writing at first and then you "go" up "there" and take out that Easter hat and roll your eggs on the White House lawn with a stick as a kid and then you don't want to put your Easter hat on because you don't mind the scar or clean your rifle like a Hemmingway with a shot gun twice shot himself because he missed the first shot and shot off the side of his face in 1932 and lived until 1959, reports just coming in, on Earth again...

Venus 2, saw Venus last night or two ago when I said I decide not to use Venus and then she shows up in the sky with the Crescent moon, lined up with the wrong way of Cortland unless this is a flat Earth society?

My girlfriend couldn't come over but then I saw Carigan show up, Bampy got up late he is sick, and shouldn't smoke, I got him some honey and then I got taken away as a POW and got interrogated last night to Canada. I never liked those Canada Dry Ginger Ale trucks that when the back door is open it seems to say ANAL on it, and Portugal had an Azores volcanic eruption do today do to the loss of it's capital by a Nuke strike, the Tegas river is going to have bad water like the dirty water of Boston, the first time and last it was hit today by a bomb and again Buffalo in 2019, in August then although that is to happen in 12 days, which is MAy first.
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