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This is the writer of Vampariah, today is the day that Putin took off my face in an Eraser episode; this might not be safe for work. Um, made a sausage sauce, flag flies half mast because Bampy took the shot and I had to di8e with my son, but until rigamortis sets in you ain't really dead, plus the moon resurrects you too, as the song Resurrection Joe by the Cult. Anyways, Buffalo gets hit by a nuclear strike by Rogue military forces that invade a Russian missile silo in Argentina and take it over, the Plutonium is enriched with Cadmium; it happens in 12 days and we have little time left for the Earth. I jumped from Planet X2, which had Moon W-12 and Earth a lost Earth 15, had to because Putin wants to look like me with the face transplant. Also, when I created AIDS and fucked up all the gay guys by making them look at Forced Bi which I think is pretty hot, kneeling together in front of a woman forcing you to do things, and then the white blood cells no longer function and HIV+ comes on with full blown AIDS and infections can't be fought over. Start the boiling water, like a whore bath my father talks about and the spread of disease can be avoided. I am Cyborg now, that moment when I first had my first act of masturbation, the world felt me and they took me away, also birds at the time knew to look for me because I was the auspicious one. The KKK was invented 100 years before I was born, 1867, but now I found out I am part Spanish, with my Fu Man Chu, my mother must have seen a man walking around Rome, or was knocked up before my father got in from Pireaus sitting with Melina Mercuri and keeping her eyes open and sitting where Pluto talked with Socrates and then Aristotle, and my father got up and went back to mom right during September 1966, I might have been the devil inside, do anything I want because blondes have more fun and can hide the grooves in the head from indescretions on the inside of the bowels of hell, blondes get away with it and can hide the scar of Lord of the Flies the plane crash, always thought the first passge in that book by John Golding was suspicious after the fact, it is always good to know after the fact the bad things before they happen with a shadow of premonition, and then you "do" yourself, like Curt Vonnegut's book Breakfast of Champions when he says one day looking up at a rifle, one day I am going to go up there. Mysterious writing at first and then you "go" up "there" and take out that Easter hat and roll your eggs on the White House lawn with a stick as a kid and then you don't want to put your Easter hat on because you don't mind the scar or clean your rifle like a Hemmingway with a shot gun twice shot himself because he missed the first shot and shot off the side of his face in 1932 and lived until 1959, reports just coming in, on Earth again...

Venus 2, saw Venus last night or two ago when I said I decide not to use Venus and then she shows up in the sky with the Crescent moon, lined up with the wrong way of Cortland unless this is a flat Earth society?

My girlfriend couldn't come over but then I saw Carigan show up, Bampy got up late he is sick, and shouldn't smoke, I got him some honey and then I got taken away as a POW and got interrogated last night to Canada. I never liked those Canada Dry Ginger Ale trucks that when the back door is open it seems to say ANAL on it, and Portugal had an Azores volcanic eruption do today do to the loss of it's capital by a Nuke strike, the Tegas river is going to have bad water like the dirty water of Boston, the first time and last it was hit today by a bomb and again Buffalo in 2019, in August then although that is to happen in 12 days, which is MAy first.


Dear Sir or Madam:

This is the fifth time I have wrote you. You have failed to respond with an answer to the determination of the outcome of the suspension of my account. My account may have been suspended due to some fraudulent reasons not on my behalf, but perhaps on your behalf because life is fake not because I have made false representation of myself. If you think I am too good to be true, then there is no such thing as true love, because if I had love it would be true. I believe there is actually no one reading this letter, because if there was then you have been delinquent in handling my case. You are supposed to respond to my defense of my profile and the reason you might not is because someone above you is holding us down, me and you. Punishment for defying the processes of turning on my account again is apparently fraudulent on your behalf not mine. I am out of your league, and to be a millionaire is sometimes so easy that the influx of people claiming to be a millionaire is in question. I have a 500,000,000 million dollar painting in my house, some assets are liquid and for the most part some are frozen or in transition of accountability. I would say that to write in a threatening tone is impossible, because if there is any threat level the the threat level is high. If there is a conspiracy against me in finding love and you are the one to hold me down that would be the reason why you would feel threatened that you have provoked others by denying them love then therefore you would ask yourself, do I feel lucky? Wouldn't you feel lucky or feel good if you were in love? And if you were on the team to deny my existence love then I would feel threatened if you were the one to conspire against a thing such as called as love. I am not the one threatening you, you feel threatened because you deny me love, and I am wealthy, there is no question about it. I am also good looking as well as well hung, maybe there is no woman for me and there is no love for me? Perhaps, but lets give it a try. If you don't try, if you give up, if you don't give it the old college try and are not as adventurous in love to settle on a lowered expectations, I am looking for something you perhaps cannot provide of offer. I may be blacklisted, you may be a book burner, but I'd say if I have not struck a nerve that is because you are really callous to the cause of my search for love, which is the thing that is perhaps not provided for by you because if you do not give love a chance, then you defy an order of life that to live life without love is to live a life not worth living.

Please find me some women that I can interact with on an international level because we are at war, and I am a soldier, and if you don't like the song soldier boy and welcome home with no love to begin the fall of the summer of love, and you don't have love yourself that is perhaps that is because love doesn't exist. Now please offer me some reprieve for your inaction to not even contact me for the 5th or 6th time. The third time is the charm, and that is just a particle, the charm particle like the higgs boson particle or the string. If I have been untrue it is because love has some conspiracy and please do not conspire against finding me love, and do offer the services that you are supposed to enact. I demand proper reconciliatory function on your behalf and try to weed out the gold digging from the black widow nature of femme fatales, and fatalism is to say that you have a defeated attitude and do not believe in love, belief in love is grounded not faithless or unfaithful or forever, it is not that I seek to regain the stature I had when I joined the site, and please offer me some months or two of free gold membership for we have been bantering it about for you to provide me services of cupid or love at first site or wrong ph, or something like that, if you do not offer me some bonus for wasted my time and you having some indecisiveness unto my behalf then you might as well delete my profile or shut down the site because it is not I that is bogus but apparently your site that is and perhaps there are very many other complaints that you have to deal with. Now please offer me the services you have offered to provide or other wise you are offering false representation when all I have done is to be truthful, truth is a virtue, I am virtuous, and my patience is waxing, I have faith that you are filtering out the people that already have hooked up and do not hesitate to acquiesce in response because I am sure that I have been deteriorated enough in my advantage over a bottom feeder like you to filter out the bad from the good and the fake profiles for one such as I.

Great Thanks and who do you want to be for halloween? It is halloween 668 this year I am going be a desperado out riding fences and be good to me, because tequila sunset has a grapefruit in it.

Hate Love?

Good query. I expect girls to be beautiful, it doesn't make sense for me to be with an ugly girl, then ugly children result, and beauty is the driving force of good. Evil is ugly no? Yes, ugly is evil. However, beauty can do wicked things and scheme plots to ruin men, and it shows up with disease. A pure body that does good things would not have these markers that make the body foul and sterile. However, I like fast women too coming from NYC, and having been a street walker, I assume, when women fall on bad times because they were good, they might stoop to doing bad things for a time, because we must fight to live, and playing by the rules will only make you fail, so we sometimes have to resort to doing evil things for the right reason.

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

I was attracted to the date sites of the war torn region of Ukraine, and I have had a few nibbles, but I am currently staying in America and the Eurochicks sense I am not coming this year to Europe. I was going to write about who I really love, and who I have loved hard for three years but she is being difficult. I hate her now, not with vehemence, but with pithy, for her apathy when love is a force of good.

She has been so bad she deserves a spanking, just like she spanked her half-brothers. She obviously is part evil because she isn't really a great beauty, as my beauty has made my natural force of good stronger, and that is why beauty must be answered with love, not suspicion that because she is average looking, she is insecure that I would cheat on her, which would be the origin of our love dying. As a vampire, having died 19 times for this sin of turning over the body and requiring young flesh to procreate or disappear, the rules of god to be straight and make children, or kill the Mediterranean as Thera did, my mission is to make children so I worship her for her youth, and if I got with someone older then as it would be my children could have a chance of being retarded, but that is only on the female side, men of any age continue to be fertile, and the retarded nature comes from impregnating old chicks, which is why, when she contacted me, being so young, I was hot for her; and also because she was a red head, then it occurred to me that she was supernatural as the Kings of Europe in the age of Enlightenment collected red heads for their parlors to entertain their guests with, their oozing sensuality and hot firery sexuality, as a red head is created by masturbating so much then turn into an insatiable vampire, such as myself.

Since I had an auto-immune disorder that makes me flow upside down than other people, I am timeless, and not even here or human, I knew I burned like a werewolf, and had many dysfunctions of sexuality to the point that I know that my kids would have bad skin and red hair. She has a freckle on her nose when she was not yet even a teen, and she has got the red hair that I need, and is it selfish to seek a mate that you require to undo your sin? Especially when they contact you, and commence the relationship. I think she has found her soul, and I gave it to her with purpose in life to have meaning for herself, to be mine when the time comes, even if as a spy in the house of love, or a lover in the spy game, yes, one or the other; she is my teammate and doesn't understand my power over her, and is as thick headed as my first adult love, that never got it through her head, that my love is forever if it is so tough to pin down and hold control of. I'd say, she made it to square three on the 3 square basis, and she is already my wife. She might get angry and delete her profile her again, but no matter if I cannot track her on the internet or not, I still hear her banshee screams in the night, because she is alone now, and it is a long time before the time is right for a coming together; and if this is my life, if this is the new reality of no love during wartime, then so be it, but know this, my love is forever, and hate is fleeting. I need more than to be a stud, pumping piles of cum meant for her belly, but, she is becoming a new self, and growing into the best possible woman she can be. I do not expect her to cow toe to me, or to give in, love is the most difficult game, and when you think it is in the bag, then it is not, and when you least expect love to rear it ugly head, the vehemence returns and the war of love is afire.

email to Carigan with Liz

Yes I am stalking you. It is lie Vampirerave where you can stalk people and bite them; it is a good site and has lots of writing of mine on Vampariah, because you are so close, I sink my canines into you *bites Caridoll* "Now you will live forever."

I have looked for you on GG, but I cannot find, there is a song called it is better the "second time around" I came to the library expecting to have a good cry over you, but alas you wrote and we take our knowledge of each other one step further.

They built up the inside of the castle with a maids quarters, if you didn't want to stay in my bed. But my grandfather when he had been given a woman from Bonefro put her up in Little Italy for one month, during the beginning of the roaring twenties, and gave her the freedom to experience America on her own and never forced her to be with him, but the nightlife was so meaningless after a month she acquiesced and married him shortly thereafter with that arranged wedding. I kind of like doing what my grandfather did a hundred years ago, offer marriage to a woman that he never really knew, and leave it up to her to make the move; which is why I had a room upstairs for you at two floral, and I was going to make you feel comfortable in your new home, and you know living together it would have happened, and you would have made it to my bed. This girl is buying a case of wine today to celebrate a court case and I am going to get the whole townie house drunk with a bottle of Vodka. I hope you are treating yourself well, you know by the time you are twenty one you will be in Italy and you might never have the advantage of seeing what it feels like to be legal, because in Italy there is no such regulations.

My teaching credentials in New York do no more than giving me the opportunity to substitute any class and blow the kids away, but in Italy, if I don't get my father's museum job, I can teach English over there or coach American sports for the olympic team of Italy. Being an Italian citizen, having been born there, I don't need a Visa and I can stay there forever away from Old Faithful, and since it is a Communist country, I would probably be given a check every month which is what communists do, if you married me in Italy, then you would be an Italian citizen too, since I was born in Rome and you probably would get a check from the government as well. But once I have my feet in town, and they soon learn what a Vaccaro is, I am sure I would get the Vaccaro museum job since I wrote his bio for 20 years, and even though I am such a drunk I made LIz a lush (she is into the wine that I cook with) it is not a bar culture over there where I can stand at a bar and have regulars, the weed would be cut off by the mafia, and they don't have the bodegas all over the place where we find cigars, so I would stop drinking and smoking. My brother wants me dead so he can have the whole inheritence and knows I would be a good boy around you too, haven started smoking at 30, and drinking every day at 40 I am in good shape, and I am not an addict, just a writer like any other wirter that drinks and smokes. I am more of a habitual person, and I do things to pass the time, (painted a new jacket look at facebook) and once you change your habitat then you change your habits, so I would have a new lease on life while America goes down with the lies that the government never even talks about the supervolcano, but I am smarter than that. IN 2017 they want to put a chip in everyone's left hand; do you want a chip in your left hand or do you want to come to Italy with me. I am a rich man over there and every 50 years one has to return to Italy to reclaim one's lands, so this year I am really going over there. Or we could stay friends and not mess up what we used to have and still cling too, Caridoll.
LOve Dave.

Matrix Semantics

I have faced insanity. I was asked to face insanity. I was temporarily delusional, and I am quite sane now. I have no fear of being crazy. Am I still the person who I was before I started the Soul trip? No.

We are all immortal spirits. I am a vampire in the sense of what all the lore is based on. They are in metaphoric symbolistic concepts that relate to the nerve problem that I had when I was undead and my dick was broken. I have explained multiple times all the symbolism that vampirism is based on. I think perhaps your reading comprehension is weak, or you see or infer only what you want, looking for flaws instead of keeping an open mind.

It is a matter of semantics. Words have a shadow meaning as well as the intended meaning. You could even matrix-cise words by looking at letters that form words, and in each case, there is some fine meaning there based upon even the symbolism of the letters themselves that make up the words. For you words have one definition, for me words are a tool to figure out multiple meanings.

It doesn't mean I am crazy for having the ability to divine mega concepts from just one word. Once you know all the different ways a word can be broken down, you can find ultimate knowledge from this Matrix. I break the Matrix every day. I cannot share with you an example of how I could break a word down, because it would unveil so much meaning in just one word it would seem strange to you. It is just a matter of semantics. I went through a process whereby I can break down words to find truth, and rarely if ever does a word breakdown fail me or my understanding that you disagree with. I hope you never get to that point where you can see the shadow meanings from a future experience of yours that will change your reality.

I am in tune with the penultimate reality, I get affirmation I am onto something quite divine concerning the truth. Few people if any think like me. But the clues in the words, come from the wordsmiths through time, who experienced what you experienced, and hide the ulterior meanings within the words so that they let you know you haven't lost your mind, just stepped into a more advanced reality.

Still me.

I have many many books and will be well received as a writer, so my philosophy and psychology will be analyzed. People think I am crazy on the internet, and clinically they inject me with stuff, so according to the state I am crazy, but in real life the people who know me, love me and don't think I am crazy. I am just a main proponent of individualism. There is no classification of what kind of person I am, like hipster or whatever. My generation was the coolest. We weren't flower children that respected shit, fought war and civil rights issues, we grew up when Heavy Metal started, newer technologies arose, like the walkman, clock radio, microwave, rechargeable batteries, and figured out a way to make cocaine even better. Unfortunately AIDS hit the scene the week I had my first orgasm, and our generation held sluts in contempt, covered it up, and was a generation that believed in love, not free love and swinging. Also the fashion changed, latex and stuff like that came out. We were futuristic enough. We also could drive really fast, beat up as many people as we wanted and weren't coddled as kids like these generations are. We were tough, and our hair was about as big as the 60's, so we had it all, and we weren't slaves to machines yet. The VCR also came out so porn before then was just in magazine form. There was no fusion restaurants, there was no microbreweries, we were pretty much 100% Italian, or maybe half and half something with another country. Now we have people that are 1/16th something, and we are all bastards. Cars also started to look cooler, design was beginning to branch out, making things better with innovations upon inventions. Total progress. I am a product of that time. My compatriots have all gone underground, had their kids, and put on a suit and tie, and lost the spirit of those times. I haven't changed. It is in this way that I might be considered strange because I haven't compromised my attitude. I am still free and act young, answer to no one.

Hippies now have become the very thing they fought against, and I think the same thing happened to my generation, plus with everyone calling 911 when there is a public disturbance of any kind, these new generations are weaker without the privilege to act without restraints.


The examined life is worth living
I dunno man. I am sane & I don't lie. Is something bullshit because it doesn't rhyme with your unchallenged adolescent philosophy?

My adolescent agnosticism lasted until I was 40, until I had continual proof of more than what I initially believed. You have a good 15 years to go before your credo gets threatened.

I never thought I would smoke, I smoke. People change. And when people change they experience life differently. You just might stay in a youthful form & not attempt to open the doors of perception to allow mysticism in. If that happens, you will live in your world, I in mine. Two very different realities, connected by portals such as this. Portals such as this would be valuable opportunities to breach the distance two people are separated by the philosophy & manner they live which allows different but parallel life spectrums to touch.

I know what I know to be true, I also have an understanding that your value system hasn't been tested so you remain in your teen world, & I know that existence to be true too; you however have no concept that there are many different realities, subsets of a varied life experience, & hold true to your own limited mock life.

On Valentines Day I ate dinner with the cousin of the last Shah of Iran. I carried on about the latest trip to the mental hospital depreciating & what brought me in this time. I kept using the word mental patient, & crazy, & not expecting to be believed, but this former Princess & her entourage fully believed & accepted my stories as verbatim & shot back with understanding vignettes describing the myriad of the "examined life".

Then I took it up a notch & included the full spectrum of the bizarre. They too then were up to speed with me. The whole ring of people around the largest table in this posh restaurant made me feel that I was normal - & it was true, I was normal, I just had never unanimous validation before. One of them was a scientist though.

I guess the reason why they used to say in the 1960's don't trust anyone over 30, was because something happens to people when they age, we get separated from the youth of today, like you, experiencing all the things that mysticism relates & is addressed, the things that go ignored in school for kids, because how would that be, for there to be no surprise in life? That life to be the same all the way through? My earnest & righteous gattling gun of spew of human carnage of heartfelt admissions of something out there, continuously muzzled by the likes of a perfect young gentleman seemingly completely reputable... a kid in the back of the class interrupting the teacher & expecting a good grade because he is right.

Well kiddo, it is not about being right. I respect you to a fault, because how am I to respect you if you do not respect age, wisdom & balls? I have experienced everything because I had the balls to chase the most unobtainable woman to put me on a path where I had to face myself. Alone. If my constant truisms, & chiming philosophy cannot ring a bell in your coiffed head, then my friend you are no more than a finger pointer book burner. There is no one right way, there is no way, friend.

It would however be a shame if you were not tested like I was, but as I have said before, something which you probably disagreed with, the best philosophy is pure idealism of children. Everything else corrupts the mind, it is fair to see, that although I make perfect sense, I have been fucked with, & you are more sane, because you have not been forced to be faced with the insanities of life. Kudos for you. You are sane. I understand insanity though. Insanity is nothing to fear, especially for the sane, I have paved the way for you. You probably have a photographic memory just like me, that is why we stand toe to toe on this forum, so when your third eye opens & you see auras, or if some spirits contact you in some state of self imposed boredom delirium, you will be prepared to run over the hot coals on fire to be a sane holy man, maybe the first, but only because I had the wherewithall to introduce you to the supernal, whilst you flung dung at me denouncing even the Religions that back up what I say.

Maker's reckoning

To my friends. There seems to be many stories around about my hospitalization. My father put me in anonymously, because I was drinking at home, instead of Lounge 47 because I had social anxiety disorder. I felt like I was cramping other peoples' style & since I appeared to myself to be an irritant towards other people I removed myself from social situations. I didn't drink as much, but since I drank at home my father thought I was unusually drunk, which was not the case, I was drinking less at home, maybe 3 pints or so & not everyday. My father says he put me in the mental hospital because he could not stand to see me drink one more time. He just basically wanted me to get over my social anxiety.

So with this dark cloud over my head, & feeling like a pariah, I encountered a paradigm shift & entered another reality. Dream state was similar to wake time, & in this twilight of sleep & wakefulness I would pop up out of bed with a start, & knew instantly that I was completely awake, so I went about this way for three days, accomplishing a modern day "Indian" Sundance. I appeared to be on a mission. I fung shwayed my loft & the energy changed in my room. The vision quest from the 3 day Sundance & change of environ allowed me to hallucinate without using drugs. From what I experienced it all seemed real & I moved mountains with my mind so to speak alla Castanada style.

It may have been a delusion, or it might have had something to do with this Mayan apocalypse. In any event what I do with my time is no bodies business but my own as long as I don't hurt myself or hurt others. "Trips" like these happen every 7 years or so in my life. Something had to be done, & you should all thank me for what I did & stop saying that I was drinking too much. I wasn't even spending money, was not going out, & when the cops came to get me, the cops stole 300 dollars from my loft. His name was Conception. Fine. I never lie, & I have never never hallucinated. I know the difference between reality & delusional states. It also had something to do with the disaster of Sandy. I saw on the radar of the weather report of when Sandy made landfall on North America. It was a huge monster maybe ten miles high two miles wide, marching out of the sea. That was a supernal storm. & while nothing happened to me, a great deal was lost.

I have a purpose on this planet, & sometimes my life gets strange, but within my imagination with the power unlocked by the hallucinatory Sundance, many characters visited my bed. They were in spirit form. There was an otherworldy creature that exacted justice, & from the top of my roof I saw him swoop in to the city & kill about 5 people & dump the bodies in the time it takes to zip up one's pants. It seemed to have been a silver surfer type of creature, that can time travel & ensure justice for this path of life we are on. It is like the mother ship concept, which is a zoological armada that brings all fine specimens of life forms to other sister planets - but this silver surfer character flies solo, & is basically an executioner. The night of the snow storm I will tell you about now.

I had been warned all day before the snow storm, that I was to be alone, "the last man left on Earth", but I through caution to the wind. It seemed ridiculous, & I would rather be rational than be paranoid about apocalypses & matters in times when America is about to fail - everything hangs in the balance. I walked through my apartment & I was unsure if even my Aunt or my Father were lying in their beds or not. I didn't want to be too freaked out. So I went on my way into the night. This was not Earth, I was truly the last man in that dimension. There were spirit folk around, they walked the Earth but they left no footprints in the snow. & the only woman who I love on Earth too, I saw at the end of the block. It was her (I am not telling who it is). I was relieved. Because as I had looked outside my building, I saw people who were there but weren't there. I could see through them. So this is why I went outside to investigate this falseness.

So the woman I loved, broke apart as if she were made of snow, & her mantle had fractured. I walked not too far, but the people on the streets in that dimension were either translucent spirits, or damned people. I did not care if it was I who damned these people, or they were damned for something they did. We are all in this together, & one bad apple can make rot out of a barrel of apples. So we have to forgive, move on & be strong, accept blame & be a better man today than we were yesterday.

Evidently I was in another dimension. I was awake, maybe it was a dreamworld that I entered but I was of the flesh. The wind howled something fierce & had a stare down contest with me. It seemed I was on the edge of the universe in some folded space, & it was the maker of the universe that had come to converse. In its greatness & loneliness of the infinity of bringing all life in this universe to fruition, the wind seemed desperate to find a champion for the cause of what the spiritual realm beings cannot do themselves since they do not have hearts. The Earth seemed to be fractured, & the tristate area was ripped out from the planet & sent to this barrier beyond where the damned can stand. For me it was judgement day. Was I worthy to be deemed a crusader for man's plight? The wind seemed to howl from the 59 street bridge, & whip around houses to show me how small I was in its power.

But still I was unafraid. I walked the street & there was two people of the flesh, but the rest were just images, not really there. I am glad I was not alone. Man was in sorry shape, worlds had come together, worlds had separated, fractured, but I was whole, complete & not fragile. So the mighty wind beckoned me to continue on with the quest. The silver surfer had killed the ones who had done the most wrong, & the paradigm shift was avoided, but even for the silver surfer, eternity is too long to account for justice for all time's sake, so a new silver surfer had to be appointed. There was just too many dimensions, milk was bad, food had no flavor, flowers were made of fake silk, everything was false in this constructed planet for if the whole Earth had been brought to meet the Maker of this expanse of life devoid of true proper soul love & misspent time, I don't think the Earth could have survived.

I forgot who I was, I was in limbo, my windows had my apartment upside down inside, & if I flipped a dime a hundred times it would land on the side of the 110 ridges each time. Physics meant nothing. At least the tabac was real. Then the cops came to get me & take me to a place where I would remember who I was since in my time of judgement I had passed the test to be of the flesh & to still keep my soul, I did a Polidori, a move of asexual reproduction & animation, since no fine woman had ever gotten with me to reproduce another sire. I did the ten moons move, something in my bag of tricks, & my body started to dissolve the fiber of my being. I remained resolute. I figured if this was a trip in the mind, & this Dali time warp had made things real fall apart, this time of reckoning could be withstood with a countenance of brave, bold face riverboat gambler stare down belief in self. I found my right hand could undo what my right hand had done wrong. So with my body becoming more and more dissolute, my mind resolved to be resolute, & this was enough to win the day.

The spirits however wanted more proof that I could be this champion crusader, for the way I was working was the way Gods worked - willing things to be, based on faith in inherent power, the way things were constructed depended upon how things aught to work, & once understanding how the things operated, it was just a hop skip & a jump to cantilever a bridge to connect all these realities of folded space which was dissolving do to the weakening of the Gods. There will be no apocalypse, it was in the 25th hour, in the corner of the universe Man's mettle was tested & God's had awakened for a brief moment to inspect this little prick know it all, that so many times had asked for God to take me away from this planet of losers than can no longer stand with me, so I will be the postman, in the apocalypse, meeting myself in some other reincarnation, moving in other directions, both ways being better than to meet my weathered face that I had raped with my passion for vampirism, to keep this one man gang strolling along like nothing evidently really matters that which can be done can also be undone with the wave of a hand.

Don't worry about me & people stop complaining. I am strong, life is the way it is, it rots, but I still have the power to love even though I cannot stand myself in my own presence. Maybe myself from the future, from where time ends & have come back to stitch this fabric of reality together, maybe he is a better man than me - but neither can walk backwards in flip flops. He would have the matches & I would have the smoke.

How man created God

06 Jul 12 11:51 pm
Logical laws of heaven
I was brought up agnostic & was highly skeptical about God, religion, afterlife... but when I turned 40, an autoimmune disorder that I had for 11 years turned over & I was reborn. I had new flesh & the Earth was new to me to the point that I got bombarded from the spiritual realm. I stepped on a new planet. I encountered spirits, & then therefore knew there was life after death & God for that matter, because if there is one spirit then there is another, & if there is a chain of spirits then there is a hierarchy of spirits, the top spirit being a God.

The spiritworld lives on the heart's desires & souls interest in surviving the flesh, so it is not like physics which works 99% of the way you think it will & there is the 1% of illogical thinking in the rules that govern physics. Since the spirit world is created by the minds on earth thinking about the spirit that just died & this creates the spirit power, heavens can be created by will alone by the living, & therefore the laws of the spiritworld make more sense because they are guided by the hopes & dreams of man & whatever is easiest to believe in then comes to be.

The Information Age

The age of Aquarius has been sung about for many years now, but that really starts in the year 2470. It is still the age of Pisces, which has been around since Jesus' birth, as each age has a messiah to ring it in, just like Aquarius is expected to have a new messiah. Aquarius is the age of group activity, whereas we live in Pisces which is the age of individual activity. The confusion of the age of Aquarius was that the hippies in the 60's used to live on communes, almost in clans, with gardens & cafeterias. So that group activity confused the age of individual activity. Now the Hippies are done & that brief instant of group collaboration is gone forever, we all sit in cubicles staring into computer screens, & the famous at the top are seeking isolation, punching paparazzi, when in the past leaders would be amongst their peoples.

I wonder if I am getting smarter because I am going insane, (because the criminally insane are smart enough to outwit the Law), or I am getting that smart because it is the age of information that makes learning more meaningful, and separate facts start to intertwine & make the lore of the past more solid in our minds?

The problem is although we have these devices to ascertain exactly what the facts are by doing web searches, we no longer commit anything to memory since it lives in cyberspace, & our ability to recall or get things off the tip of our tongue weakens, reliant on gadgets to compile data.

I think these smart devices are dumbing us down, we need GPS to get to where we want to go, wherein the past I used to have a road map of all of NYC in my head. I don't google stuff to know stuff, I work on getting things off the tip of my tongue, & since the brain is a muscle, my tongue without hesitation never lets me down. I am concerned about the new generation arising & being dependent on machines to do work our minds used to do. But this Age will continue when again people in the future will need to be led by new Messiah's that will inspire us to emulate their genius by following in their footsteps, shirking off the gadgets that are making us idiots.