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The removing cruft update!

This round of changes has focused more on removing poorly implemented/utilised features in an effort to allow me to spend more time working on the features members want once the mobile optimisations are completely rolled out.

Here is a list of the latest changes:

  • Updated the style of comments displayed on profile and comment pages
  • Removed the ability to send a user an email from their profile
  • Removed the ability to privatize/deprivatize comments
  • Removed the privatize, deprivatize and add buddy links from comments
  • Removed the table of random smilies above comment forms
  • Removed the ability to send group comments
  • Removed cloaked comments (Private comments now function in the same way as cloaked comments did)
  • Removed the ability to rate a user (This may be temporary, I'd like to hear your thoughts!)
  • Many database changes
  • Update server and third party components


DarkiaTheGoth Thank you ghosts
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AnthonyGarfield Hi peps
dav The ratings are now gone completely 😁
Nivram i agree with kiwiiamour
dav Thanks guys! 😊

I think I'll get rid of the ratings for now and possibly reintroduce a better system depending on how the community feels in the future.
walkingcorpse god dam u stop it, your making me start coding again lol and throw away the trash rating system 😉
kiwiiamour I personally like the idea of getting rid of the rating system.its old school and petty. It's supposed to be a community not a popularity contest. So far the changes are great. I just wish this place could be as active as it once was.