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I wish I could express every facet of myself but the moon is partially obscured by darkness and so am I. The darkness of hegemonic ignorance that prevents us from knowing ourselves, but also the darkness of society鈥檚 ignorance as they are conditioned to hurt what they fear out of unknowing, as ignorance births fear.

I am exhausted from depending on the light of others to live vicariously through, the way the moon is only seen in the blackened night sky because it receives its light from the sun, since it is unable to produce its OWN light. I CAN produce my OWN light, but it is concealed into obscurity, like the many faces of the moon.

I ALSO wear many faces.

I HATE hiding myself in the darkness of society鈥檚 expectations, but I do it so I can be SAFE.

I hope that one day I can open up and scatter rainbows on the walls through ALL my facets.