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I want to chase the lightning strikes and watch the solar system light up. The demons roared back in approval and more than a few of them. On the way almost a dozen demons were trampled, barely slowing down the biggest horde ever assembled. He couldn't keep his eyes straight as the garden of attractive flesh across from him. The trampled were too weak to notice. I knew without looking that all eyes would be following my every move. His fucking of the nightmare woman had the desired effect of getting his fighter's blood up. There's an electric energy in the clouds. The demon horde roared in approval. Let me know if you can catch me. He whistled and my wings spread, floating down to him. The voices were different than before having dropped their acts with their prey now dead. The piercings in my long ears, in my nose, and on the diamond-shaped tip of my tail made me seem even more exotic, and maybe a little dangerous. "Everything you truly desire will be granted." The demon said. The moon changes to a blood moon. I run towards the red glowing light. I want the hunt to feel dangerous. My breath came fast and my heart was pumping even faster than that, but it wasn't just from the lack of air. The sky is darkening as if rain wants to fall. Don't look back. I ran. SNAP. I can't have him catch me so easily like last time. I laughed and my mind started to think about our recent experience. I crouched lower into the grass as his voice was in my direction. Even then, that may have only been an illusion to the surprising events of the night. What next? My thoughts send me wild but I never want them to end….. The crows were high above our heads. We looked immortal. I start hovering above into the clouds and a large swarm of crows gathering around me. How rough things were. dropped through cloud cover on edge, hovered just under. As static charge builds up in a storm cloud, the electric field surrounding. I will die a spectacular death as my world explodes.