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Then stepped off the edge of the marble walkway, and dove through the sea of clouds beneath those golden towers. It’s peaceful here, quiet, so intimate. 🌚

He fell on wings of feather and fire, and moment by moment that perfect light faded behind him until that light was gone, and he was alone in the misty void.
We are deep in our little bubble. It’s peaceful here, quiet, so intimate.
Today he was a warrior, falling to earth to smote the wicked.
The thick grey clouds choke the moonlight intermittently, as I watch from under the sparse trees.
Even in free fall though, the first hints of light beneath him were only just starting to glow dully beneath him.
When he finally broke though those final clouds and spread his wings for the first time, he took in the lay of the land from the world beneath him that lay unfurled like a map.🌛🌜
It’s when I close my eyes that my world truly comes alive.
The colours are brighter. The sounds are louder.
I can almost feel my heart beating out of my chest...
I think about it all... It’s so dark here. I concentrate on the sounds.
The stars explode in my eyes. It’s the pain that makes me feel most alive.
I deeply inhale. Just being close to him.
His main wings each stretched almost nine feet as he set them against the wind.
This allowed him to soar even in this thin air while his much smaller secondary wings beat hard to speed him up.
A very large, terrifying, horned giant. looking into my eyes.
The soothing sensations passed the time while his wings brought him ever closer.
Seeing the glint of excitement in his eyes. I am like a creature.
The pain is harsh. It radiated off him in waves; I could feel it. You do not escape unscathed.
It isn’t that easy to break. In perfect control.
I take His punishments! The more I struggle and fight.
Thinking it's all up to me. They were real. It feels so liberating to live in the moment as much as I can. That's when life flows!

Thank you for all these soft, sweet things you have left behind.


I let it flow around me, through me, and out of me.

I walked up to the temple doors, whose once thick, oaken doors were now worn and cracked.
I pushed one side. It creaked open to reveal a large room.
What secrets would be revealed to me in this ancient place?
An intricate altar at the other end of the room was illuminated by the light that came through the collapsed ceiling.
Hundreds of dried leaves adorned the floor, blown in through the collapsed parts and forming a scattered carpet on the stone floor. I feel it is darker now.

The demon blocked the front of the double doors I had entered.
As it began to move, he approached me.
Suddenly, the wind was knocked from me by a hit to my stomach and I collapsed to the ground.
I can hear the thunder.
The being stepped away from the shadows to reveal himself more clearly.

I feel it's intense now.
"Go on, underestimate me, that’ll be fun. I'll push the limit."
He wasn't surprised, but then he'd been with me long enough to get used to this.

The demon laughed triumphantly and stepped toward me. Here we go again.
"I win, as always," he gloated with that same deep voice.
He knelt down to my face, smiling and revealing a set of fangs that could easily pierce skin. "I have plans for you." My breath grew heavy. I could barely contain my excitement. My exact thoughts! Show me your strength.
The demon stripped off his pants, revealing his large shaft dangling between his legs.
I've awoken the beast.
Before me stood a red, muscular demon with two curved horns protruding from his forehead.
I looked up into his eyes and saw him grinning.
The demon's voice broke into my thoughts.
A small part of me continued to resist! My tail swished faster, the tip cutting through the air like a knife.
His muscular back drew my attention and I found myself admiring the contour of the various muscles.
His frustration! these emotions I feel coming from him.
My mind felt like it was going to break at any moment. You love it when I’m in that state.
these emotions I feel coming from him. I can feel it all.
The demon walked away and yanked on a chain that I now noticed was in his hand.
At some point, a collar had appeared around my neck and with it a leash.
It’s really hard for us to just quit. These dreams.

On the other side of the room was a set of dark black, iron double doors. He pushed open the door.


I want to chase the lightning strikes and watch the solar system light up. The demons roared back in approval and more than a few of them. On the way almost a dozen demons were trampled, barely slowing down the biggest horde ever assembled. He couldn't keep his eyes straight as the garden of attractive flesh across from him. The trampled were too weak to notice. I knew without looking that all eyes would be following my every move. His fucking of the nightmare woman had the desired effect of getting his fighter's blood up. There's an electric energy in the clouds. The demon horde roared in approval. Let me know if you can catch me. He whistled and my wings spread, floating down to him. The voices were different than before having dropped their acts with their prey now dead. The piercings in my long ears, in my nose, and on the diamond-shaped tip of my tail made me seem even more exotic, and maybe a little dangerous. "Everything you truly desire will be granted." The demon said. The moon changes to a blood moon. I run towards the red glowing light. I want the hunt to feel dangerous. My breath came fast and my heart was pumping even faster than that, but it wasn't just from the lack of air. The sky is darkening as if rain wants to fall. Don't look back. I ran. SNAP. I can't have him catch me so easily like last time. I laughed and my mind started to think about our recent experience. I crouched lower into the grass as his voice was in my direction. Even then, that may have only been an illusion to the surprising events of the night. What next? My thoughts send me wild but I never want them to end….. The crows were high above our heads. We looked immortal. I start hovering above into the clouds and a large swarm of crows gathering around me. How rough things were. dropped through cloud cover on edge, hovered just under. As static charge builds up in a storm cloud, the electric field surrounding. I will die a spectacular death as my world explodes.


I was woken up cold and confused. My entire left side - the side on which I was laying - was cold and wet and itchy. The second thing I noticed was that it was dark. Every night for the last week, dreams were invaded by something inhuman. It wasn’t good and it wasn’t bad. There it was. I checked the edge on my blade, sharp as ever. The sword was a magical black hole, an endless pit that practically no Arcane power could escape. And so it began. I looked up and he was staring at me, standing right in front of me. His eyes were a shimmery silver, contrasting starkly against the dark blue hue of his skin. He stood several inches taller than everyone else around him. They would never look like anything but clones to me, irrespective of gender. The rest were coming with me. The world seems so distorted. He just goes in. The truth comes out. He sidestepped the table and barreled into me, arms wrapping around my shoulders... It seems like he has absolutely no control over his emotions. My thoughts exactly. He pulled back and stared into my eyes with something like fear.. The gold chains and small jewels hanging from my horns and wrists and tail would catch the light with each movement, and I knew that I looked like a glittering goddess to these people. It may have been less jarring if the dreams weren't so vivid or detailed, or at the very least, it was the same dream. My legs gave out, and he held me tighter, slowly lowering us both to the carpeted floor. Two black horns peeked out of the shaggy, black hair that sat atop his head. The energy is coming back to him with full force. I could feel the restraints that locked on my wrists, ankles, and neck. Even his smile had a hint of something otherworldly, as his canines were just slightly longer than that of a human. Behind him a long thick tail whipped the floor. This had real promise. The strangest sensation began to spread across my brain. Demons came in all kinds of colours and shapes and sizes with the only true rarities being white and black. His crimson skin was covered with dark as night fur on his arms, legs and chest. "What?! Fuck no!"WHAT?" my eyes widened as I started to understand what he had in mind. I began to lose the feeling in my limbs as my mind grows numb and my vision blurs. There is no way out. I can not concentrate anymore... The moon changes to a blood moon. A whirlwind